What does yours look like...Yes, your Vajayjay!

Part Three of the #ILoveMyVagina Series

Well, go ahead have a look. 

Take your camera phone (cuz who uses mirrors anymore...geesh),

Relax and get comfy, 

and snapSHOT that pu**y 
(notice, I did not say "snapCHAT that pu**y" becuz that  ♫♫ "goes down in the DM" ♫♫...KIDDING!). 

Take a good look at it. I'll wait.......

All done? What do you think? Some of the responses may surprise you...

Unfortunately, the majority of women think the appearance of their vagina isn't very appealing. Some may even go as far as to describe it using words like horrible or disgusting. Really?!

A quick FYI for today's post; We tend to refer to both the internal and the external genitals of the lower region as the vagina. However, when we talk about the external appearance of the "vagina" what we are really referring to are the size, shape, colour, etc. of the Vulva. The vulva includes the mons pubis (pubic mound, aka the top piece lol), the outer and inner lips, the clitoris, and the external openings of the urethra and vagina. But for ease and for this series I will continue to use the word vagina to describe it all.

So, I want you to check this out...

A gallery of vagina.

Sculpture done by artist, Jamie McCartney, The Great Wall of Vagina

You already looked for one similar to yours, didn't you? LOL. It's okay, I did the same! But look at that. Vaginas of all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. This wall of vagina obviously does not depict ALL the vaginas in the world so please don't get bent out of shape if you don't see one quite like yours.

Women, vaginas vary from woman to woman just as any other part of our bodies. 

There is no specific way for your vagina to look. 

The most visible part of your vagina are your labia (outer and inner lips). They can be thin, fat, not there at all, short, or long. For some the inner lips may stick out from the outer lips. The color of the skin of the labia maybe the same tone as your skin, but sometimes it is darker, or even lighter. The left lip may be juicier than the right lip, asymmetrical, just like your breasts.

And let's talk about the amazing little "pink canoe" aka the clitoris (which should be your favorite part for obvious reasons. Do people realize its only purpose is for pleasure?!). Also, did you know that 3/4 of this organ is under your skin?! This little critter of fun can range in length from 1/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch and can be small and hidden or large and hang.

I've read about Vagina Rejuvenation (which is essentially a facelift for your vagina). Ughhhh....and you know what, it evokes the same thoughts I have about what I mentioned in part one of this series. The fact that women will not only go to great unncessary lengths for the "perfect" scent but will do the same to achieve the "perfect" looking punani. For what? For who?

Fu*k that.

Give yourself some love and let go of all the negative thoughts you have towards it. Hey, take pictures even. But make sure you keep them in your own private stash!!! LOL

It's naturally yours and it's naturally beautiful!

Smell it.

Touch it.

Look at it. 

Admire it. 


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#IThinkMyPussyIsPretty, Candilaria



Makera said...

So do I! Mine that is I haven't seen yours LOL

Anonymous said...

I actually look at mine pretty regularly. I have to know what's going on down there.....nobody wants surprises down there lolol

MWMs said...

Thanks ladies! It's very important to love it and take of it!!!

Demetria Moss said...

I guess I have to pull out the phone aye 🙈.....love it!