About Candilaria...

This is where I live
I’m Candilaria, also known as Candi and I’m a Bahamian gal with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, a law school drop-out, who is presently working as a manager of a Homeowner’s Association in an exclusive gated community, with an insatiable passion for interior design and art.  If that doesn’t sound “mix up like conch salad” then I don’t know what is!

Deran and I
I am a wife of a Leo (I think that says enough right there) and mother of 4 (2 stepchildren, should be 3 but that’s another story and 2 biological) beautiful children.  So, it pretty much takes a bottle of wine (and maybe 2 vodka tonics) on a Friday night to keep me sane.  LOL.

Believe it or not, I am a private person in every sense of the word, however, Tiffany and I would share so many stories that happen in our daily lives (and of course laugh at each other about them) that we HAD to blog about them. 

Sometimes we women hold on to stories or keep quiet about situations we go through because we feel others wouldn’t understand or feel that the women around us haven’t gone through it or isn’t going through it. NOT TRUE. 

Our goal is to create a strong supportive community for women so that all the women out there (like us) have an outlet to share and be open.

Therefore, Married Working Mothers was born.  I want to connect and inspire however I can, whether through a story told, a piece of art I’ve shared, or some good ole information you find useful as we all continue this journey of being a wife and mother all while working our asses off on a 9-5 job.

Join us won’t you!

An eager Candilaria

My Beautiful Family


sknowles said...

I am so excited to join this group. So needed this, hope I don't drive you guys crazy!

MWMs said...

Welcome! And we are just as excited to have you!