Keeping a Clean House

Am I the only woman that cannot seem to keep her house clean?!?!  I mean seriously, it drives me nuts.  I know I know, I have small children but daaaang!  I feel like I am living in a whirlwind of toys, spilled juice, shoes everywhere, crayon markings on the wall, Max and Ruby on the television (BTW, where are their parents??? I have yet to see them!  Ruby takes care of Max like he's her child!...I don't get, I really don't), food on the floor, clothes hanging on the couch....the list is endless.

Then, when I get upset about it, my husband looks at me with a blank stare!....seriously?....Like dude, what are you looking at?!  Do you see this sh*t?! I want a clean house!  Is that really too much to ask? He's looking at me like I'm the crazy one!  He's looking at me, I'm looking at him, so I gave him a blank stare back.  Now, we're having a blank stare face off.  Some funny stuff I tell you.

Anyway, it's hard yall.  It's hard to keep a clean house with itty bitties in the house.  I don't have a housekeeper that comes anymore (what the hell am I thinking!) and so the only time my house is somewhat clean is after 8:30pm.  And we all know why after 8:30pm!  Bedtime!

I think it's just so nice to be able to sit down in a clean environment, with a big cup of hot tea, with either a good movie, book, magazine, or browse the Internet, etc. whatever it is you like to be doing.  It's such a calming feeling.  I can't think in Chaos.  I wish I took a picture this morning of how I left my house because I was just too tired to clean up after everyone last night.  I am ashamed! lol.

So, how do you keep your house clean?  Do you wait until a certain time to clean your house?  Do you have the kids set up in a particular area?  What do you do?!

A, I want to say "Clean it your-damn-self" Candilaria

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  How is everyone feeling today? 

It's the middle of the week, so I guess this is where you put in your 110% to make up for Monday and Fridays...hehe.

Do you think Wednesdays are the most productive day of the work week?  Tell me what you think and why!


Writer's Block

I am having writer's block.  I guess this is the reason I haven't posted anything in a couple of days.  And I will admit, it is difficult to write when I don't know who my audience is and what they are about.  Like, do I really want to run on with things that are of no interest to people in general?  I would hope that someday some of you that do read this blog would subscribe and leave comments.  Feedback is so important and definitely a motivator.  I am sure you understand.

BUT, I will say that I've also been a busy bee, hard at it with lots of little projects practicing with my new machine Silhouette Cameo.  Here are a few things I've done...

"Just Be" Subway Art

I love love love the 'Keep Calm' posters and have decided to make some of my own.  Now this one in particular is a little bootleg because I used a used canvas and you can see the unfinished painting underneath.  Hey, I figured I was only practicing so it wouldn't be a big deal.  hehe

I bought a light blue poster board this afternoon and thought it would have been nice for a Keep Calm poster.  But when I placed the lettering on top it faded and you could not see it very well.  So I painted over it with another colour in the blue family (have to look at bottle for exact name of the paint). And this is what I got!

I use different materials for these projects, like wood, canvas, poster boards, etc.  It all depends on the look and feel you want to achieve and where it will go in your house/office/craft room whatever.

More projects to come! :)

Project Candilaria

It's Monday!

It's Monday people!  Make it good and make it count!

I had such a good weekend.  If you recall a few weeks ago I was talking about my dreams and career goals, etc.  Well I am taking the necessary steps towards my future.

I love crafting, diy progjects, art, designing and home decor and this is where my passion is.  I am always looking for a new projects to engage in.  So, I bit the bullet and purchased an amazing machine called the Silhouette Cameo and can I am in LOVE!  It is the coolest creation ever!  My husband is even excited about it and has helped me with a project.

With that said, I will be starting another blog to showcase my projects and share my ideas, and love for the arts and crafts and everything handmade!

I am currently getting the page up and running and not ready to direct people there yet, but please stay tuned!

Sooo, be inspired, get out and go get them!  Talk to you soon!

An art 'n'craftin' Candilaria

Happy Monday!!!

Where does the time go?

So I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.  That even sounds weird saying that.  Life.  It's amazing how quickly time goes by.  Amazing and sad at the same time in a way.  One moment it's Monday and then you turn your head and it's Friday.  It doesn't seem like my last post was on February 15, it feels more like just yesterday.  But anyhoo, it doesn't make sense spending time dwelling on it, eh!

Time, waits on no one and nothing and is unapologetic about it.  Whatever you want to do you have to do it.  You can't hold things off anymore and say oh I'll do it tomorrow.  Tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes next month and next month turns into next year!

I know I am not saying anything you havent heard before.  You probably hear it everyday, but sometimes you have a moment where it really hits you.

A quarter of the year has come and gone.  Did you set any goals for yourself this year?  If so, where are you in terms of your goals?  If you are not where you would like to be, what steps can you take to get there?

I encourage you to get moving!  Because it is only you against time :)  We have one shot at this life.  One.

Make it happen!  And hey, you were given an extra day this year so I hope that

Talk to you soon,