Music Can Heal The World

I love music.  I love all sorts of music across all genres.  Music is that one medium that can heal the world. I mean it.  Heal the world in the sense that if it can make one people feel better about life then you'll have a world filled with happy people. For a short time at least. LOL.  

Last night, I was feeling a bit bummed out.  Not for any particular reason other than these days of being a responsible adult are for the birds.

I counted down the minutes to bedtime so that I could start a real jam session.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have a music list that's kid friendly....and theeeeeeen.... I have a not so kid friendly list pour moi (insert sly grin here).  

My list is all for me and I can put whatever song I want on it.  It's the list I turn on after dropping the kids off to school to "get my mind right" for work (especially after dealing with them in the back seat arguing with each other all the way through morning traffic!). It's the unedited list that includes a plethora of inappropriate songs (inappropriate for young children). :)

And. I. Love. It. 

Once the kids were sent to bed, I double and tripled checked that their little bodies were limp and down for the count.  The excitement of time alone (an partial house to myself) had me giddy like a child on candy (the hubby wasn't home either!).

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I placed my earphones in my ears and turned the volume on blast.  My body began dancing involuntarily to the sick beats and I immediately felt the pressures of the past couple of days melt off.  I didn't care about anything else but singing and dancing to the songs pulsating through my ears. And don't lie, you feel like a boss too when you sing a song on point, when all the words are right! Feel like you can go on stage and perform that sh*t. LOL

Talk about a quick therapy session that didn't cost a dime! Sometimes it's all you need.  A little music to turn your mood around.

I wanted to share with you a few songs that I have on my music list (in no particular order).  Some are regular songs, some are headed to raunchy but not quite there, and others are "don't judge me, I just love the beat!" guilty pleasures **insert little monkey face with hands over mouth**:

1. She Knows - Neyo ft. Juicy J 

2. 7/11 - Beyonce

3. Feeling Myself - Nicki Manaj ft. Beyonce

4. FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney

5. I Don't Mind - Usher ft. Juicy J

6. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (say what you want about Taylor, she's talented!)

7. Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

8. Animals - Maroon 5

9. Only - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake & Lil Wayne & Chris Brown (insert monkey face)

....and my favoritestest song (at the moment) is....

10.  Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

I'll leave you with the video, because it also makes me super happy and hype. 

Happy Friday Ladies :)

Does music help you unwind or change your mood? What's on your music playlist?  What's your favorite song to jam to?  

Uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up!

It's Okay!

1. It's okay to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and still be tired the next morning!

2. It's okay to paint your nails at work because it's the only way they don't   get messed up.
3. It's okay to sit at a bar by yourself because your friends cancelled.
4. It's okay to throw away those stupid small toys from restaurants. The kids 
    only play with them for two days anyway!
5. It's okay to hide Playdoh from your children. Enough said!
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6. It's okay to put on fake eyelashes as motivation to get out of bed.
7. It's okay to leave dirty dishes because you are exhausted!
8. It's okay to get your face painted with your children for a bit of fun!

9. It's okay to throw away jockeys filled with an accident instead of cleaning them. #toogrowntobecleaningsh&%t!
10. It's okay to decide no more dreaming
  .... it's time to live! 

Until I blog again,

When you don't like your child

Last week Saturday on valentine's Day, we were exceedingly fortunate to have been invited on Pure Health Radio show on Guardian Radio, a local station 96.9FM.  

Dr. Stephen Truszkowski and Kevin Taylor, hosts of Pure
Health Radio on Guardian Radio 96.9.
Pure Health Radio is hosted by Kevin Taylor and Dr. Stephen Truszkowski - and let me tell ya - they've got a good gig happening
over there on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. Tiffany and I had such an amazing time recording the show that it gave us an idea of maybe hosting our own radio show someday! Hey, we can dream can't we!

Candi pauses to write down Goal #8 in her journal.

You can check them out by clicking on the link above or on Facebook.

If you didn't catch us on the show last week here it is for your easy listening. 


While on the show, I alluded to the topic of this post that might stir up some feelings in women and parents in general.

Show Up!

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"God, I don't know, I know, if you're out there or not, or if you can even hear people who don't know if you're out there, or if you give a crap about what they say, but ummmmm God, Yahweh, Buddha, E.T., whatever, April knows right, she believes and she needs you, so ummmm show up for her.... please, show up for April, she loves you, she needs you please, SHOW UP FOR HER, PLEASE!" 

This was a scene from last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. For those of you who do not watch, the man above has been informed his unborn son has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The words at the beginning of this post is his prayer for his wife verbatim.

Avery was pleading with God to "show up' for his wife, his wife who believes in all things honorable good and true. Just show up, whatever and however, just SHOW UP! Give her a miracle, make your presence known through this difficult time.

As I stood in my kitchen immediately my thoughts drifted from two fictional characters to five, five amazing women I can pick up the telephone to call right now. I know five women I wish God would SHOW UP for! They want what many if not all of you reading this already possess. They want something so effortless to countless of females young and old. A right we have been led to believe every woman is entitled whenever and however, planned or unplanned. An ability granted only to our gender. My five girlfriends want to be a mother!

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My girlfriends are waiting for God to show up. Each month they wait for that one special egg to meet a strong suitor. Yet for some reason conception has not happened month after month, year after year.

Undoubtedly, these women would be phenomenal mothers, much better than me in many areas. They have the characteristics of what our society deems as mother material. Why shouldn't they experience the joys of parenthood? There are so many mothers who don't have such motherly instincts and they are popping out children left, right and center. Why does it appear God is showing up for these other women but not my girlfriends? Your girlfriends? Our girlfriends?
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"God, where are you?

As a friend to a woman who wants what I have, how do I show up? How can I truly be supportive when I don't know what it feels like to see your menstrual cycle every month and be utterly disappointed? Hell, each month is a celebration for me! How can I be supportive when I am always calculating the minutes to my next 'Me Time' when I am alone away from my two children, just so I can have a moment? All they have is 'Me Time'! What do you say on Mother's Day? What do you say when you're hanging out with them in a grocery store minding our own business and they bump into someone they know and they are asked, "No babies yet?" Dammit man! It sucks. It truly does. It breaks my heart!

These women are phenomenal!

They are honorable!
They are a gift to this world!
They are all a gift to me... they are a gift to my children!


And so I stood in the kitchen last Thursday and cried, just as I am crying now because with every inch of my soul I pray for God to show up! God please, please Lord, you know who my friends are, you know the friends of those reading this post, can you show up with a baby please...please?

Don't get me wrong I believe God shows up for these women daily. His peace, His protection, His provision is evident in their lives. He is their Lord and Savior. My prayer is missing periods, positive pregnancy sticks, morning sickness, safe first trimester doctor visits, protruding bellies, baby announcements, safe deliveries and baby stories for days! I pray God will show up and change it all!

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When I complain about picking up toys I want them to complain as well. When we hang out I want them to shop less because they have less disposable income too! I want there to bags under their eyes, I want them to talk about having a moment when no one is asking for a cookie, a peanut butter sandwich, juice, computer time, to go outside....yadda yadda yadda. I want to hear their laughter when their child has a bowel movement on the ground then declares it is shaped like an oval. I want to hear it all. Every single story, complaint and celebration.

How about you? Are you believing for someone as well? Are you waiting for God to show up for a friend?  Let's believe together.....

At Married Working Mothers our goal is simple, to build a strong supportive community. We have not met many of you but I believe we are creating a community.

Let's use this community to believe.

If you are believing for a friend, a friend of a friend, a neighbour, a sister, a stranger, a wife, a wife of a friend or for yourself, I ask for you to complete a simple task. 

At the end of this post there is a 'Post A Comment" button.
Click on the button and type the word believe....that's it. For my facebookers, you can type 'believe' as your comment on Facebook.

God will show up!

Let's show up too!

Until I blog again,


What's In Your Purse?

Today is...'A Few of My Favourite Things' Friday...

Below are a few items that are imperative that I have in my purse at all times and WILL warrant a near freak out and melt down if I am missing them. maybe I'm running out just a tad bit with the freak out and melt down part but you just had to know the level of seriousness I'm talking about. LOL.

A Few of Candilaria's Favourite things...

1.  My Journal; For all the important things I learn throughout the day

2.  Married Working Mothers Business cards; Must have our business cards on hand because you never know when you have an opportunity to talk about what you have going on!

3.  Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural; This is a new development since I am not one to wear makeup but to add a little more colour to these cheeks I like to gloss this over my tired looking face. Beyonce, listen girl, some days you just don't "[wake] up like dis". HA!

4.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Dark Chocolate & Cherry; I suffer from dry lips and so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.  I found it in our local Drugstore, Lowe's Pharmacy and it has become my most favourite thing.  With a tint of colour, I don't need lipstick!

5. Apple Headphones; Do I really need to explain why? If you are a music lover like myself then no explanation needed. Must have!

6. Bigelow Green Tea with Mint; Yes, I carry a packet or two in my purse because you never know when the feeling will hit for some good 'ole green tea and it HAS to taste right.  So what better way to ensure having the good stuff than by bringing my own tea?! Makes sense to me!

7.  iphone; Not pictured.  I should have used my husbands camera to take a picture of that, huh. LOL.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite things (for the moment at least).  

What sort of things are must haves in your purse?  Things that you absolutely cannot leave the house with!

Hyped...It's Friday!...Candilaria

Just One Of Those Days!

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This summarizes how I feel.
My tiredness is oh so real.
But I am a wife and mother too,
So with make-up and heels on,
 it's time to do what I have to do!
Heels on and ready for...
Until I blog again,


The office hallway seemed never ending as I quickly scrambled to the communal bathroom while trying not to have a complete breakdown of the bladder...

I twitched around a corner and lunged into the door hoping that my violent push didn't whack another woman into unconsciousness.  Unfortunately, the stench I walked into almost knocked me down for the count. Nothing wrong with taking a morning to do but dang, walking in the waft of a fresh sh*t first thing in the morning isn't necessarily the way you want to begin your morning (and before your morning coffee/tea too!?).  It's a sure way to set your mood right off.

But that's not what really set me off. 

So I busted through the door and began unbuttoning my pants immediately on my way to the stall.  A swift kick to open the stall door and what do I see? Something that looked like a total eruption of someone's intestines inside the toilet with a side of tinkle all around the toilet seat! (Yes, I must be graphic) Seriously?! Is this how we grown women are carrying on? This is straight up nasty!!

This could be a sensitive topic for some or one that some may think is too crass to talk about...but, seriously, we all think it.  I'm just saying it out loud. 

I personally dislike using public bathrooms. Sometimes you just don't know what conditions you will meet.  The built up anxiety of whether you will step into a fairly decent stall or a straight up sh*tty one (pun intended) is a feeling no one should have to go through!

But what leaves me completely baffled is that women continue to contribute to this nasty trend!  Women aren't nasty, right?!  We keep our houses and whatever areas we are in charge of clean, don't we? I would like to think so!  So why in the world do I meet urine all over the toilet? Do you not see it before you leave?! Or am I missing something? 

Something is always going wrong in the Women's bathroom for management to place the 'out of order' sign on the door and an HVAC on the floor. Overflowing due to clogging from too much tissue, or sanitary napkins, and whatever else women toss down there.  Why women? Why? I encounter this too often and is something I just cannot wrap my head around.

If you have to assume the squat stance and know you are a sprayer, well dammit clean up after yourself! It's YOUR PEE!  Flush the toilet if it's working! If it isn't, help to put a sign on the door to warn others and do the right thing and report it. Just don't leave it expecting someone else will take care of it.

How do we go from taking care of house and home to being completely inconsiderate in public bathrooms???

Maybe because we have to clean our own bathrooms that we don't care to be mindful of what we do in other bathrooms?  We just know that someone will take care of it and we're just glad it isn't us? (Hmmmm...although, when I think about that, it does sound like a good arrangement)

Just some thoughts for you today.  Do you wipe the seat if you are a sprayer? Please tell me you do!

Have a happy Friday with clean toilets!

I need my own bathroom, Candilaria

PARENTING: Life Lessons

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Many years ago a dear friend shared a true story. 

During high school, Chelsea earned 'A' and 'B' grades. She was a good student. One semester she failed to be so successful. She was distracted with being a teenager. She brought home a report card filled with 'C' and 'D' grades. 

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One day, Chelsea's father told her to go into her closet and pack up her 'A' and 'B' clothes. She obeyed, not quite sure of her father's plan. He packed her clothing in suitcases then ordered her to get into the car. "Where are we going?" asked Chelsea. Her father did not answer. They drove in silence until they arrived at a thrift store. "We are here to buy your 'C' and 'D' clothing. When you earn 'C' and 'D' grades you wear 'C' and 'D' clothes. I'll give you back your 'A' and 'B' clothes when you earn 'A' and 'B' grades.

Chelsea lives in America and attended a school that did not require wearing a uniform. As a teenager, you can imagine her dismay going to school wearing her 'C' and 'D' clothing.

What a consequence!

Needless to say, a semester later Chelsea received her 'A' and 'B' clothing. Lesson learned! 

Well, my daughter is five years old and in Grade One. She has received excellent grades on every report card she has ever received. She has received high praise for her effort and achievement from all of her teachers. That is until last week. Last week, her Grade One teacher sent me an email describing a talkative student who is is not completing her work. She has been kept in during lunch and after school. She failed to attend a library class at one time as well. Why? Talking. 

Oh hell no!

I am a teacher. I spend all my days asking students to stop talking. I was disappointed to learn my 'good child' was talking in class. Channing's grades have remained superior because of her teacher's tenacity and basic care for my child. As her parent, I need to match that tenaciousness!

But how? Pardon my grammar but....'She five!' She has much more schooling to go! I don't want her to be overwhelmed!

Channing, she deserves to be kid!
Now please understand I am not one of those parents who is focused on grades. My concern is the disrespect, not following instructions, the talking.

And so, what did I do? I remembered Chelsea's story. Eric and I decided to let Channing live a 'talking in class type of life'! For the past week there has been less computer time, less television time, less craft time with Mummy and the most drastic was no gymnastics. Here is my thought. Why should I spend money on an extra-curricular activity? This is extra, not a necessity. Talking does not earn extra!

I want Channing to understand her choices determine the quality of her life!
Here's the thing though, is it too early to teach her this life lesson?

When should parents start to teach life lessons?

My children, Channing and Chase in my classroom.
Five and three years old respectively, very inquisitive about this thing we call life!

As a teacher I see the countless students who are rewarded for mediocrity! Students receive bad grades yet they have all of the latest gadgets. Homework incomplete, missing assignments, teacher complaints yet these kids are not concerned with their lives being altered. What is this? I remember on report card day as a child we didn't breathe easy until the envelope was opened. Talk about 'waiting to exhale'! Today report card day is a regular day. These students are not concerned.  

Who can blame them if there are no consequences for mediocrity?

And so, Channing is five years old. I want to begin early. My plan is to teach as much as I can before she becomes a teenager and discovers her long eyelashes and declares 'I am causing her stress'! (Smile Mummy)

But with that said, is five years too early to take away gymnastics and she get the message? Will Channing understand there is a consequence for every action? Will she digest her behavior at school affects her life at home?

Who knows? But I know one thing.....I have to do something because excessive talking in class which results in incomplete work is sooooo unacceptable! 

Until I blog again,