So, the 2013/2014 school year has begun for my bunch.  

My big daughter had her first last day of high school (has entered into grade 12). My baby daughter has entered into grade 2.  Oh, how time flies.  It was just the other day when I met D'ante when she was in grade 4!  Asia was not born yet and here it is she is now in grade 2.  My big son has begun his Sophmore year in college and my baby boy is going into K3.  Holy smokes!

I hope for them a wonderfully productive year. One where they accomplish the goals they have set out for themselves (more so the big kids of course).  I pray for them to have patience and to not become easily frustrated, to ask questions when they do not understand, to remain focused, to have fun, to be helpful and respectful to their teachers and to other students, to have strength, and to take one step at a time. As parents we must assist our children, in every way we can, to become successful individuals.  Education is IMPORTANT!

I'm so proud of them.

The Thompson children

The Thompson Clan

How was your first day back to school? Because yes, we experience it too! 

Tell us about your story! What are your hopes for your child(ren) this year? Share pictures if you like!

A proud momma, Candilaria

East Street Cashier Line

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Yesterday I was in the area of East Street South. I decided to stop at a beauty supply store to purchase a box of single edged razors in an attempt to keep my recently threaded eyebrows shaped. (You have to try eyebrow threading!)  
I confess East Street is not a street I visit on a regular basis. But since shopping in my neck of the woods can be pricey, and I was in the area for another purpose, I decided to give it try.
I was very pleased. The store had the razors, the price was great and the service was phenomenal. I stood at the cashier line. I was given the total and proceeded to issue the appropriate dollars. While waiting for my change, a little boy about the age of ten came to the counter. He stood next to me within my personal space and placed his container of Dax Wave and Groom Hair Grease on the counter.. Yes in front of me! If you walked by you would think the Dax Grease was mine. He did not say 'Excuse me'!
Immediately I thought should I move or should I stay still?
I stood my ground. I'm an adult for goodness sake.
Well I'm not sure who I thought I was standing next to because homeboy shifted so that we bumped kneecaps. Clearly, I did not realize he was standing in line. He moved his body closer to mine. We were touching... seriously, we were! Without thought I stepped back.
Then I began a quick conversation in my head.
"Are you going to correct him or are you going to get your package and get the hell out of Dodge? Now you know you on East Street. One of two things can happen. This little boy could cuss you out or even worse he may have a relative who will cuss you out! Tiffany you know your head is jam in certain circumstances, but you don't know how to cuss out someone on East Street."
The teacher in me played devil's advocate. "All you have to say is, "Excuse me sweetie. Can you move over a little please? It is wrong to make the assumption that he is a rude child."
The 'Live-off-the-Eastern-Road' in me said, "Puhleasse! You really think talking like that to this little boy is gonna cause him to move? Try hard get your change and leave."
Unfortunately, I did just that.
I lacked courage!
When I hopped in my car I felt horrible. I did not seize on a teachable moment. I should have said something. Supposed this little boy had never been taught the proper etiquette of personal space. I could have shared a tidbit with him. Why should I be so on edge, on the defensive?
Sadly, I think this happens way too often now. We see children do many bad or inappropriate acts. If they aren't ours, or someone we know or if we are in certain circumstances we say nothing. We make assumptions, evaluate the risk and more times or not determine, it's not worth it.
We live in an era where we aren't villages that raise our children. We are either scared citizens that stay in our area, our comfort zones with people like us or we are bullies that intimidate any and/or everyone around us.
Which type of person are you?
Lord help us!
Until I shop again,
P. S. I confess. I can be a wimp. A lady jumped the line in front of me this last Saturday. I didn't say anything to her either. She had acrylic on her big toes. I looked down at her toes and decided to keep my mouth shut and keep waiting for my turn. 
I don't know about any of you but I believe if you have big toe acrylics you gatta know how to fight or at a minimum, cuss someone the hell out!

A Letter From Your Child's New Teacher

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 On behalf of the teacher who will be teaching your child this upcoming school year, I decided to share a few helpful hints teachers would want you to practice before we meet your little darlings. 

Believe it or not but you, yes YOU are your child's first teacher. Imagine another career title to add to your resume.

Some of these tidbits of advice may seem like common sense but knowing what to do and actually doing it is two different things.

As a teacher I implore you to Begin With The End In Mind. Beginning your school year purposefully could just determine the success of the next ten months.

How To Prepare For School

1. Wake your child and get them out of bed this week. 

courtesy of bluejeremiah.wordpress.com

All of us have allowed our children to sleep in. You do not want your child sleeping in class. The first time it may be cute, but your child's teacher will not be amused if it continues to happen. We have a lot of activities planned for our students. We want all of them to be awake. Besides, a sleepy child can distract from a teacher being able to focus on other students who went to bed on time 
and woke up ready to learn.

2. Practice putting on uniform.

Yes. Practice getting dressed. Many students have to get changed for P.E. or swimming at school. You would be surprised how many students do not know how to button a shirt correctly, how to put on socks etc. 

3. Practice packing their bags.

More important than getting dressed is learning how to pack all of their belongings in a bag after getting changed at school. The Lost and Found Department at all schools are filled with items students have left behind haphazardly. If you are like me, I work hard to buy sweaters, water bottles and lunch bags. 

4. Practice writing.

My daughter is going into K- 4. She knows her letters. Earlier this year when I called a letter she would write them. Yesterday we were making a card, I asked her to write a letter d. "I don't remember how to write a 'd'!" Young students need to practice writing the alphabet. Older students need to practice writing a sentence. Old students just need to write. EVERYONE needs to know how to write their name neatly. Here are a few things every student can practice writing.

  • Name
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Number Words
  • The date
Have your child write these items. Students in Grade Three or higher should also know how to spell all of these words as well.

5. Practice Timed Activities

The lazy days of summer are over. It will soon be time to complete tasks during a set period of time. Many students have difficulties with getting their work done. To assist with this, start timing your child for everything you ask them to do. "You have three minutes to brush your teeth. You have one minute to get dressed." Or you can count as your child does something.  "I am going to countdown from 50 for you to put on your pajamas. 50, 49, 48..." "Can you put all of these toys away before I count to 20? 1,2,3,...." This simple technique is an easy way to get kids moving. 

One of the hardest tasks a teacher has to master is getting a class of twenty-five or more children to finish an activity at generally the same time so she/he can move onto the next task.

6. Manners, manners, manners!

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This week freshen up on all forms of good manners. Teachers love good manners. "Good morning, pardon me, excuse me, how are you, fine thank you, thank you, no thank you!" Eat with utensils, use a napkin." We all know the elements of good manners but we forget to instill them in our children...including me. Let's be intentional in how we train our children to interact with others especially adults!

Believe me I can go on and on but that is enough homework for today. If you are interested in more or if you have a teacher/school related question answered or would like to discuss, feel free to email. I will gladly share a teacher point of view.

Until I teach again,

Back To School!

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Which one of these characters do you relate to?
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Definitely a sign of our times!

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Teachers enjoy their summer vacations too!!


Hello MWMs, 

We've been MIA for the past several weeks as both Tiffany and I were "out of office" on our family vacations. Yes, we took a mini break from the blog and EVERYTHING else going on in our lives.  

My children and I, along with my siblings and their families (10 children and 7 adults) all packed up to go to.....wait for it...................DISNEY WORLD! Don't ask us what we were thinking travelling with 10 children (ages 14, 13, 12, 9, 6, 6, 5, 3, 3, 2)....CRAZINESS!!!!!

For eight (8) long glorious days we visited Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Disney Quest in Downtown Disney, and Disney's Blizzard Beach. When we weren't at a Disney park we were visiting one of the many resort pools burning under the sun rays.

It was a great break away from the daily grind and the children had a blast and really that's all you can ask for.

Here are a few pictures from our trip....

"We're leaving on a jet plane!"

From Left to Right: Aidan, Landon, Asia, Nathan, and Aindreas...."Let the Memories Begin!" @ Magic Kingdom

Asia meets Rapunzel
Asia, trying on the Cinderella dress I bought her to wear to Magic Kingdom (she insisted on trying on the crown, in the package and all!)

Asia and Aindreas at Downtown Disney

Aindreas getting wet from the water feature at Downtown Disney
Asia banging the drums at Animal Kingdom

All day at the park. I think he was tired. What do you think? LOL

All of us (Missing: Deran, DJ, D'ante and my parents)

So, summer seems to have flown by and this is the last week of not having to wake up so early to get the kids up and to school.  The last week of smooth sailing to work.  The last week of no homework!  Are you ready?!

What did you do this Summer?

A burnt and tired, Candilaria