East Street Cashier Line

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Yesterday I was in the area of East Street South. I decided to stop at a beauty supply store to purchase a box of single edged razors in an attempt to keep my recently threaded eyebrows shaped. (You have to try eyebrow threading!)  
I confess East Street is not a street I visit on a regular basis. But since shopping in my neck of the woods can be pricey, and I was in the area for another purpose, I decided to give it try.
I was very pleased. The store had the razors, the price was great and the service was phenomenal. I stood at the cashier line. I was given the total and proceeded to issue the appropriate dollars. While waiting for my change, a little boy about the age of ten came to the counter. He stood next to me within my personal space and placed his container of Dax Wave and Groom Hair Grease on the counter.. Yes in front of me! If you walked by you would think the Dax Grease was mine. He did not say 'Excuse me'!
Immediately I thought should I move or should I stay still?
I stood my ground. I'm an adult for goodness sake.
Well I'm not sure who I thought I was standing next to because homeboy shifted so that we bumped kneecaps. Clearly, I did not realize he was standing in line. He moved his body closer to mine. We were touching... seriously, we were! Without thought I stepped back.
Then I began a quick conversation in my head.
"Are you going to correct him or are you going to get your package and get the hell out of Dodge? Now you know you on East Street. One of two things can happen. This little boy could cuss you out or even worse he may have a relative who will cuss you out! Tiffany you know your head is jam in certain circumstances, but you don't know how to cuss out someone on East Street."
The teacher in me played devil's advocate. "All you have to say is, "Excuse me sweetie. Can you move over a little please? It is wrong to make the assumption that he is a rude child."
The 'Live-off-the-Eastern-Road' in me said, "Puhleasse! You really think talking like that to this little boy is gonna cause him to move? Try hard get your change and leave."
Unfortunately, I did just that.
I lacked courage!
When I hopped in my car I felt horrible. I did not seize on a teachable moment. I should have said something. Supposed this little boy had never been taught the proper etiquette of personal space. I could have shared a tidbit with him. Why should I be so on edge, on the defensive?
Sadly, I think this happens way too often now. We see children do many bad or inappropriate acts. If they aren't ours, or someone we know or if we are in certain circumstances we say nothing. We make assumptions, evaluate the risk and more times or not determine, it's not worth it.
We live in an era where we aren't villages that raise our children. We are either scared citizens that stay in our area, our comfort zones with people like us or we are bullies that intimidate any and/or everyone around us.
Which type of person are you?
Lord help us!
Until I shop again,
P. S. I confess. I can be a wimp. A lady jumped the line in front of me this last Saturday. I didn't say anything to her either. She had acrylic on her big toes. I looked down at her toes and decided to keep my mouth shut and keep waiting for my turn. 
I don't know about any of you but I believe if you have big toe acrylics you gatta know how to fight or at a minimum, cuss someone the hell out!


sknowles said...

Hi Tiffany, my name is Shelley, just wanted to say "been there, done that". I have found myself in situations quite like yours soooo many times. It use to be that, I would have done the same thing you did. Somehow, recently I feel more compelled to say something, and to be honest in my experience, nine out of ten times, the child is really apologetic and doesn't even realise they committed any wrong. Unfortunately we now live in an era where manners and respect is no longer taught in alot homes. It is so sad.

Natasha Nixon said...

Acrylic toe nail...too funny! I would've done the same thing. Clear the path for her. As for the kid...difneatly a teachable moment. Although with the kids these days whatever you say goes in one ear and comes out the next! Glad you got your razor in peace and no one got hurt!!"

MWMs said...

Hi Shelley,

As with so many situations I am so glad I am not the only woman/mother who has experienced this. I have decided in the case of the child, that next time I will speak up. I agree with you. Nine times out of ten, a child will be apologetic and oblivious to committing any wrong. I must do better!


MWMs said...


Thank you so much for posting a comment on Married Working Mothers. We appreciate you.


MWMs said...

Hi Natasha,

Thank you so much for your comment.

Yes ma'am, stay away from the toes!

Because I feel so badly for being apathetic I will seize the next opportunity to teach a child by stepping out of my comfort zone.


MWMs said...

LOL,! Does a woman with acrylic fingers fight or cuss?

I believe in addition to being scared, you know your comment to the child would mean nothing. Children need constant instructions in order to learn how to become courteous adults. Most likely, the child was unaware of his behaviour.

Like you said, the entire village is no longer raising the children......reason being, who is not afraid just don't want their feelings hurt by being cussed out.


MWMs said...

Geneva I mean Mummy,

Thank you for your comment. As for acrylic toes... no, I don't think they are as fierce as acrylic toes!