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I did it!

I ran my very first half marathon on January 19, 2014!  All 13.1 miles. 

My training began back in September 2013.  It was a strict schedule of boxing on Mondays and Wednesdays, short runs on Thursdays (4-5 miles incorporating the bridges) and long runs on Sundays (about 10-12 miles). All while eating nutritiously.

This was my life week after week.  Month after month. ON TOP of daily mommy, wifely and work duties.  It was hard.  It required a lot of my time. There were days I simply did not want to run.  There were days I cursed myself out for having this goal when I had to wake up 5:00am on my GOOD Sunday morning to go train. My very supportive family put me in a position to be able to put in the time.  And for that I am truly grateful.

I have a confession...I did not hit the pavement for the long runs almost 6 weeks prior to the race.  I kinda let loose over the Christmas holidays and the week before the marathon I was like WTF! Talk about being anxious all week!  
I had mini conversations in my head.  One voice told me to just not show up. No one will notice. "There is no way you will be able to make it.  What are you thinking? You'll crop out by mile 6." 

The other voice (goood voice, good voice!) said very calmly, "you can't do this to yourself. You cannot NOT run!  You made this promise to yourself and it's a promise you just have to keep."

Needless to say, the good voice won. I ran despite the setbacks. I was not concerned with time but I was very proud of the time I completed it in considering. 2 hours and 19 minutes!

I gave it my best shot and I made it across the finish line. And the best part was that I was greeted with my loved ones waiting for me at the finish line. How awesome is that?! Can't beat that feeling.

We tend to convince ourselves that we can't do certain things.  I guess it's easier than actually having to give it a go and put in the hard work.  But the truth is we all can do ANYTHING we put our minds to.  And I do mean ANYTHING!

Take the shot, right?! Candilaria

Today's Office View

What an awesome view. And I get to live here! How grateful am I?! 

A thankful Candilaria


I was taking a little afternoon stroll and passed the Atlantis (yes, that is where I work) Baby Store today where I spotted this...

I was so tickled by it I just had to share. 

Who wants a grabby crabby!? hehe
o_o, Candilaria


I was looking back at some of the posts over the past 2 years (Wow, it's been 2 years!?). It was nice to re-read some them and see how much the blog has grown. 

We are basically half way through January and time isn't slowing down (Christmas went by in a blink of an eye!)

Anyhoodles, I was reminded by this post that we must constantly feel inspired especially when we have specific goals to accomplish. The beautiful thing is we can find inspiration in just about anything and everything and all around. But we need more than inspiration.  We need to ACT.

Ain't that the truth!  Don't wait until you are ready.  You will find a million excuses as to why you're not ready or when you will be more ready.  Just take the shot.  Just do it!

Here's hoping that you stay inspired and take those shots.

shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBODY! (hehe)