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Tiffany Yvette Hall was born in Nassau Bahamas in 1973. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education from Jacksonville University, Jacksonville Florida in 1994.

Tiffany has spent the last twenty years as an educator in numerous U.S. cities including Jacksonville Florida, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Detroit Michigan respectively. Tiffany returned to The Bahamas in 2002 where she presently teaches at her alma mater, Queen’s College. 

In 2012, Tiffany co-founded Married Working Mothers, a strong supportive community for women. As a contributor to the MWM Blog, Tiffany uses her personal experiences as a mother, wife and career woman to inspire her readers.

Tiffany began her career as an author out of circumstance. Leaving her newly separated life in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2002 Tiffany found herself exiled on New Providence in The Bahamas. Stuck without any control over her movements or future, she channeled a lifetime of personal journaling into the pages of her first work, With This Ring.

A seemingly quasi-account of her failed first marriage and journey to believing in the redeeming power of love, Tiffany crafted a tale that catapults readers into a maze of self-doubt, loss of trust, rediscovery and self-realization.

Tiffany remarried in 2008 with a new formula for a loving and successful marriage. She currently lives in The Bahamas with her husband and is the mother of two, a girl and a boy. 

My second wedding day

Eric with our children, Chase Ari and Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum, age 4

Chase Ari

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