It's Okay

It's okay if it is 8:59 in the morning and you can kill some oysters for breakfast, well lunch and dinner too!

It's okay to let go... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 RELEASE!!!!

(I love this pic of me. It encapsulates how I feel about being in my 40's!))

It's okay if you hate housework. Just because we have breasts doesn't mean we like to wash bras. It means we want to buy new ones instead!

(Below is a conversation between Candi and I. Her laundry is on the left and mine on the right. Sigh!)

It's okay if you want to live in a fabulous villa instead of your house.
(TBA: MWM Steak Out/ Fun Run and Bake Sale in aid of our condos at The Pointe)

It's okay to be a conservationist! Protecting the natural resource one sip at a time.

It's okay to give your locks a deep treatment and go out for a bowl of conch salad. No one has to know there is a plastic bag under your scarf.
It's okay to unwind at the end of the day like a man. Take your lashes off first though. (Helpful hint: Secure your lashes in their original container. Do not rest on your vanity unprotected. I have already lost two pairs. They literally vanished into thin air!)

It's okay to allow your girlfriend to push you towards new goals. Who cares if you were at a wedding the night before you had to run a 10K for the first time ever!

It's okay if you and your heels drive into work on Friday. They are just as excited for a great night out on the town!

It's okay to be sad and channel Nina Simone while feeling your emotions, to give them life and escape your body so you can move on!


Until I blog again,

Achy shoulders!

This must be the reason why my shoulders are hurting every morning I wake up. Maybe I am entering Mid-Life or do I need a new mattress?

Let's go with the mattress...

No seriously, what if the universe is waiting for us?

What if God is looking at us right now like..."Ain't long now girlies!" (wink wink)!

We on the other hand are complaining about our shoulders hurting, spending money on massages, visits to the chiropractor, ointments, changes in our diet, the list can go on. We may be clueless to the true source of our aches.

That's it isn't it!
We think we have time!
What a load of crap! 

Been to a funeral lately? I have! Apparently we will die!
This post is short and sweet...."Use the gifts you were given!"

If your gift is writing then write!
If your gift is talking then talk!
If your gift is listening then listen!
If your gift is drawing, painting, carving then go do that!
If your gift is planning then plan!
If your gift is singing then sing!

Just use them! Steal a moment to tap into your talentsssssssssssssssssssss!

courtesy of

I love it..."I want everyday to make God belly laugh, glad he gave life to someone who loves the gift."

Now go make God belly laugh!
Until I blog again,