POTTY TRAINING: How I Potty Trained My Daughter

After reading Candi's blog about potty training her son, and a bit of advice from one of our six followers (thanks Tanya), I thought it would be prudent to share how I potty trained Channing. There is  a mother reading this blog who needs some helpful hints on how to get your daughter out of those princess pull ups!

Let me begin with the good news. It is not difficult! Based on Candi's blog and everything I have read, potty training a girl is walk in the park.

Channing Hall
Age 2

I decided to potty train Channing at two  years of age for three important reasons.

1. I was pregnant with Chase. I did not 
    want the task of potty training 
    Channing and breastfeeding
    a newborn.

2. I planned for Channing to start school 
    at two and a half years old. I know that 
    preschools take on the daunting task of 
    potty training but that did not sit
    well with me. There are a few tasks 
    that I want to be able to say I taught 
    my child.

3. There was no way our budget allowed 
    for the purchase of pull-ups and 

And so I logged onto www.babycenter.com and searched for tips. (I love that site. If you have never been check it out!) I read an article that said potty train your child in a weekend! YEAH RIGHT! I read the stupid article. I decided to try the stupid advice.

Now, here is why I thought it was stupid.

1. You have to stay in a room with your child and a potty all weekend. Yes all 
    weekend! REALLY? Who can do that?

2. Your child needs to walk around without, I repeat WITHOUT a pull-up all 
    blessed weekend! REALLY? Sorry, I meant to type WHATEVER!

Well, I ignored the article, went to Sandy's and bought the panties with the padding. They were pretty and cute so of course they had to work. I looked at these things and knew they would not work but I bought them anyway.

Amazingly, I still have these silly things. I put these potty panties on Channing. The have a padding in the crotch to absorb the urine which if you think about it, defeats the whole purpose. 

Channing urinated in this padding just like a pull-up, then would have the nerve to look at me like, "Hey Mom, change these wet panties please!"

This led me back to the stupid weekend article. Mind you the article said don't waste your time buying panties like these but I ignored it. What do they know?


Anywho, one Saturday morning, I said to Eric, "I am going to potty train Channing." And I did!

You can too. Here is what you will need.


  • A Potty
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Wipes
  • Salty Snacks....I used Cheezits
  • Juice/water
  • A Naked Bottom Child

  1. Get all of your supplies and confine yourself to a room, preferably a tiled room. Why? You want to limit the amount of accidents. Remember your child should not have on a pull-up or a diaper. With that said, you don't want a naked bottom child roaming around the house.
  2. Feed your child as much salty snacks as they can eat. Why? You want your child to get thirsty and drink. Eventually he/she will have to urinate.
  3. Pay careful attention to your child. At some point you will see urine running down his/her leg. Swoop them up and put his/her on the potty. If you were like me you fell for the stupid potty that sings when used. Yes I fell for it! Did you? Of course you did!!!!!!!
  4. After your child is finished dance, sing, clap.....make an absolute fool of yourself. You have to look like you have been trained as an Urine Cheerleader all your life and now the moment you have been waiting on is here. Your child will love it.
  5. Take your child off of the potty, clean up and start feeding snacks again.
  6. Keep repeating the steps until at some point when your child feels the urine coming down his/her leg, he/she will eventually run to the potty.
So yes, I did this all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Believe me when I say it worked. I am a school teacher so I was home on vacation. The next day, on Monday, I moved the potty to the bathroom. I went out and purchased regular panties and put those on Channing. I promise you, she would let me know when she had to pee every single time. I swooped her up, ran to the bathroom and put her on the potty. She was a star!

Now I would love to say that Channing is a phenomenon, but I won't. I am a phenomenon. Why? Because I sat in a bleepity-bleep room for two bleepity-bleep days with a naked daughter. I was consistent. This plan works because of consistency. Were there accidents? Yes but I kept at it and it worked.

So if you have a daughter try it. 
It works!

As for during the night, Channing remained in a pull up overnight. At some point she asked to stop wearing one. We limited night time drinking, she used the bathroom before bed and we prayed. 

If my memory serves me right, she would get up crying in the middle of the night. That was when we took her to the potty. To this day she gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Were there accidents? Yes! Are there still accidents? Yes!
(Make sure you have a mattress pad on the bed.)

Happy potty training!

Chase Hall
Age 1

This is my son Chase. Look at this face. 
The goal is to try this process with Chase.
Good luck right!

Until I blog again,


My son, Aindreas, who is 2 years and 9 months old, poopy-ed in the pot-tay tonight!  So what if he's almost 3 years old. *insert confused face here* 

The mothers out there that have already potty trained their sons KNOW how difficult it is to teach your son how to use the toilet.  Me, personally, I'd rather take a visit to the dentist and have 4 teeth pulled and then be forced to report to work in all my pain than to have to deal with that!  It has to be the most frustrating aspects of this age.  

My son used to look at me and the toilet like, "Ain nobody gat time fa dat!" LOL. We are not quite there yet, but we've come a long way.  He does # 1 just fine, mind you, but we are still working on his aim!  Pee goes everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  When I go into the children's bathroom these days it smells like a little boy has been there...lol...you know what I'm saying, right?!

But today was a milestone for me and my big brave boy.  He went to use the bathroom as usual and after he was done he said that he needed to sit down on the toilet.  I instantly knew what he meant and so I remained calm while I allowed him to do what he had to do. And he DID IT! WHOOP WHOOP!  And I didn't even have to hold him down!

I hope he keeps this up and puts an end to secretly disappearing into another room to do his do only to walk right back out like a cowboy!

So for those mothers out there with little boys that will soon have to go through this, here is my 5 cents...

There is nothing you can do....lol....boys are just harder to potty train than girls.  They are more stubborn and will do it in their own time (yes, they begin this behaviour at a young age and then never change...LOL).  I think it's best not to force it or even get upset about it.  It will take time, but he will learn.  Some boys may be different and learn right away, in that case consider yourself lucky! 

I'm only speaking from my experience with my son and knowing the different experiences my 5 nephews (and 1 more on his way to Potty Training University) went through .  Each of them with a unique story, trust me!

Any of you potty training your son right now?  What is your method, if any? Mothers that have been through this, do you have any suggestions or advice for those that are currently going through it?  Do you think there is an easier process and we just don't know it? So many questions...

Can they just come potty trained?!, Candilaria





Tell your friend you love her today!

Just In Case

Just in case you read my blog about The History of Easter, I totally have to make sure that all of you know that my mother did a phenomenal job of ensuring I know the meaning of the Easter Season.

I did not communicate well during my latest blog.

After my mother read the blog, I received a motherly email about her disappointment in me not knowing the meaning of Easter, after all of her efforts to ensure I attended Sunday School at Calvary Bible Church.

Mummy I know you are reading, I am so sorry. The only reason I know about Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and that he died on the cross for me is because of your tireless effort and commitment to my spiritual foundation and growth.

The purpose of the blog was to send links to explain the symbols associated with Easter, for example, why is there an easter bunny with candies and eggs? Who had the first easter egg hunt?

My dear readers, I know Jesus. I know about his crucifixion and his resurrection.
I know the meaning of Easter. I know you do too.

Let's all learn why we are getting easter baskets for our children.

Once again sorry Mummy!

Thanks for reading though!

Religion: The History of Easter

For many of us Easter comes and goes and we celebrate the holiday for simply that, a holiday. As mothers, godmothers, aunts, big sisters and mentors, we all will be asked questions such as, "Why is there an Easter Bunny?' or 'What does Jesus have to do with an Easter Egg?' at some point if not already.

I am not ashamed to admit that I vaguely know the answers to questions about the history of Easter. This is unacceptable for someone who has been around for forty years. 

I know that I am not the only one!

It is for this reason, I thought I would share some links with you. The links are from a blog, that means, they are short and easy to read.

Take a moment to take in some knowledge!

To answer the question 'What is Easter?'

courtesy of www.femguide.co.uk 

For information on Holy Week

A blog about how to explain the crucifixion to children
courtesy of teachingintegrity.blogspot.com

A little history about the Easter Bunny
courtesy of fun.recreationxleisure.com

A little history about Easter Eggs and Easter Egg Hunt

courtesy of blog.urbansitter.com

Don't you feel a little smarter? You should. I did!
Until I blog again,

Religion: Let's Go To Church

Yesterday was Sunday. I believe Sunday is the day for worship. It was how I was raised, it was what Eric and I did while dating, it was how Channing has been raised. We went to church with Channing from the time she was born. It was never an ordeal. Our church at the time had no nursery. No problem! We didn't need one. Channing sat next to us in the pew either in her Bumbo or as she got older, she stood and colored or played. To this day, she will play, put together an entire puzzle in a pew, not disturbing us from worship.

Introducing Master Chase Ari Hall.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. We were up, fed and dressed and out of the house by 10:20am. We were on time. This was going to be good day. After arriving at church, Eric says" I don't think there is Sunday School today!"

Before I continue, allow me to let pictures tell the story. We took these pictures after returning home. They depict exactly what happened at church.

We all have some resemblance of a smile.


I am still smiling. Chase looks like he is devising a plan.
Who knows what Channing is thinking!


Chase wants his freedom!

Channing has checked out! I am wondering, "What is wrong with this boy?"
Chase is determined.

I give up!
Doesn't it look like I am about to spank him with the very palm I got from church?

How do I attend church with a one year old boy? How? I have been told to just let him wonder around but I see the faces, I can hear their thoughts.
Why won't someone come get this boy?
I so want to be in church every Sunday.
I need some advice, tips, support or your empathy to let me know I am not the only mother of a one year old boy who won't keep still in church!
Please comment and tell me what you do.
Until I worship again,



Hello there,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I logged on to our blog this morning and was pleasantly surprised over the number of page views since yesterday.  It's very encouraging to see how many persons are visiting our page and reading our posts and some even leaving comments.  Thank you!

We appreciate your support very much and if you enjoy us that much we kindly ask that you to please subscribe to our blog and become apart of the 242MWMs crew.

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Who will be our 4th follower??? LOL

Looking forward to you joining us!

MWMs Management Team

Gardening: It's Spring Time!

It is officially spring. Let's celebrate by getting in the garden!

I don't know about any of you, but my desire to garden heavily exceeds my budget. As a woman and a mother I know how to improvise. I know how to 'go wit what I gat'!

And so ladies, today's blog is about me in our yard, sorry our garden. I walked around and around until I stumbled across this project. It was perfect. 

A cluster of Bromeliads

Believe it or not, this plant is sitting in a pot. Here you can see the original bigger bromeliad with a smaller pup growing from the side.

Bromeliads are my favorite because they can survive in our rocky garden and they are the plants that keep on giving. We started with one bromeliad but now we have many. The pups just keep growing and growing. We keep separating and separating!

Here is a full view. 


There is too much 'growing' on in this pot! I have a large bromeliad with a pup, two smaller bromeliads of another variety and last but not least a congregation of snake plants.

So the plan for today is simple. I will separate the plants and replant them. 
Let's begin.

Step One: Take the plants out of the pot. 

Look at all of the roots. Clearly these plants need to be repotted.
I left my pearls on to represent for all the Married Working Mothers! 

Step Two: Carefully pull each plant to separate. Do this slowly to to maintain as many roots as possible. 

I began with one pot with a variety of plants. Now I have all of these!

Stay tuned for how one pot of plants can be rejuvenated into four separate bromeliads and a medley of snake plants. Will I repot them or should I put them directly in the ground? Look for the update post. 

In the meantime, get into your yard, sorry garden, or supervise someone in your garden.
It's Springtime!

This post would not be complete if I did not give credit to my two worthy assistants.

Say hello to Master Chase Ari. 
He is responsible for digging!

  Greetings to Channing Tatum.  She is responsible for posing for photos in outfits she picks all on her own.

Special thanks to Mr. Eric Nathan Hall of 07 Photography.
Catering to all of my imagery needs!

Until we plant again,


***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER...If you haven't watched last night's episode of Scandal yet I suggest that you DO NOT read this post.***

So much drama goes on in Scandal that I don't even know where to begin! 

I will start with the story of Sarah Stanner, a woman whose past indiscretions have come back to haunt her.  Sarah admitted to a brief affair 15 years ago with a man who is now Fitz's Supreme Court nominee. Needless to say the incredibly cruel media jumped on this story and jumped quickly.  Olivia Pope and Associates was called to not only manage (can't say fix because there is nothing they can really do to fix this) the situation and indirectly helps to save Sarah's marriage and job.  It was then learned that Sarah's indiscretion lasted 2 years and the possibility of her husband not being the father of their 13 year old daughter was realized.  Whoa! Basically her entire life began to unravel.  Understandably so, her husband extremely broken and furious demanded a paternity test in which he later tore up because really at this point would you really want to know?  After 13 years, she IS your daughter.  That took a lot of guts for him to do that. On another front, Sarah's job was prepared to send her on her a$$ because of a morality clause in her contract, but Olivia sent her pitbull, Harrison (along with Abbey), to Sarah's job and he very charismatically managed to save it. 

While all of this was going on, Cy was on the other side of this scandal defending the Supreme Court nominee.  Cy was at war with Olivia and he pulled lots of dirty tricks out of his hat. And if you know Cy he is capable of anything!  But with all of Cy's scandalous hard work, the nominee ended up withdrawing his name for consideration.  This did not sit very well with the President, therefore Cy slides further away from Fitz's inner circle.

Olivia and Fitz talk on the phone for the first time in a very long time.  All I can day is, it was emotional.  He said he was only calling her to tell her to back off of his nominee but we all know Fitz, he needed to talk to her.  They brought up a little about the election rigging and I felt that for Fitz.  Your very confidence of being the POTUS is a result of the fact that the American people put you there because they felt you were worthy.  But the very person that he truly thought believed in him, had the confidence in him, and who he trusted wholeheartedly, betrayed him.  Finding out you being the President is based on a lie would drive a man to drink and would make him one angry and insecure President.  Although Olivia is broken herself, Fitz doesn't care about her feelings or what she could possibly be going through because he's too hurt and angry to care.  I've always said nobody can hurt you like the people you love.  It was also very interesting and no mistake that while they were on the phone the Stanner's were in the background arguing about their loyalty (or lack thereof), hurt, and betrayal. Hmmm....

Mellie is still being Mellie, messy and meddlesome.  She is trying very hard to gain her husband's trust again but did she ever have it?  I believe Mellie loves Fitz, I do, somewhere deep down there.  Do I believe Fitz can ever trust Mellie? No.  I say that for so many reasons I will save for another post.  It kinda sucks to see the wife's role being portrayed in this way, but hey, this is Shonda Rhimes' show and I guess she calls the shots. LOL.  Did any of you feel for Mellie when Fitz took their son into his office and slammed the door in her face?  Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that one because it's hard to root for her.

Huck has officially taken Quinn under his wing but she has a long way to go.  The CIA Director (who is the mole) is onto Quinn and that isn't a good thing.

Let's talk about Jake.  Jake, Jake, Jake.  There is something I really don't like about this guy.  He went to great lengths to retrieve the memory card from a photographer that snapped a picture of he and Olivia talking.  And he had better because he lied to the President about Olivia "seeing" someone, when she kinda is and the someone is kinda...him.  Oh boy, I sniff a triangle scandal coming up. His boyish innocent face forces you to like him but that smile he gave at the end of the episode as he sat on Olivia's couch and looked into the camera was incredibly eerie.

So what did y'all think about last night's episode? Let's hear your thoughts...

Have a Scandal-free Friday, Candilaria


OK OK OK, so a friend of mine called me out today!  I was asked how my baked pork chops turned out and as ashamed as I am to say it, I, Candilaria admit, I did not cook the baked pork chops.  There, I said it.

So what had happened was...(get ready for the excuses...lol...but for real I got home at about 7:00 p.m. last night)....Anyhoo, usually I would leave a note for our housekeeper about dinner because some days I get home too late for me to cook and have dinner at a reasonable hour.  BUT guess what?  She doesn't eat or cook pork. Sooooo, since my husband got home before me and saw the chops sitting there, he decided to cook them (Bless his heart).  Of course he didn't cook them according to the recipe and so we ate baked pork chops sans the white wine.

Nonetheless, it tasted great and he also made a side of butter and herb mashed potatoes.

Here is a pic of what my hubby made...

Deran's Baked Pork Chops and butter & Herb mashed potatoes.  The corn was thrown  to add some colour.

Let us know when you try the recipe and how it turns!

An ashamed, please don't judge me!, Candilaria :)


Are you ready for Scandal??? Well ya better get ready! I am beyond excited and I don't think I can make it another week without my favorite TV drama series.

Who watches Scandal here? If you don't you MUST be living under a rock or just plain crazy! Even the busiest woman makes time for President Grant and Olivia Pope & Associates! (I AM A GLADIATOR!) LOL  

I will be watching tonight on ABC at 10:00 p.m. sharp with my full glass of pinot noir and a bucket of popcorns (as my son would say).  There will be a full report on Friday so you had better watch it so I don't spoil it for you!


A very eager, excited, can't wait for a scandalous evening, Candilaria


So what are you cooking tonight???

If you need a bit of help, here is what The Thompson's are nibbling on tonight. Click below.

Sometimes it's hard to keep dinner exciting and new.  Slaving over the stove during the weekdays is just unrealistic...plus "ain nobody gat time fa dat!"

Now I haven't tried this particular recipe but it looks pretty good.  Anything cooked with white wine is a favorite of mine...I rhymed...hehe.  Just a note, with certain meats especially pork chops, I like to pressure cook them first so that they are nice and tender and it cuts down on cooking time. I have a 5 and 2 year old and soft meat is a necessity.  Don't need anyone choking! Season your pork chops the night before and you've cut down prep time too!  

Let me know how it goes should you decide to use this recipe.  What dinner recipes do you have to share?  

What's for dinner!?, Candilaria

Opa! Part Two


This past Saturday, Eric and I attended Greek Fest 2013. We always make it a priority to attend this event. Our hopes were dashed when we did not visit Santorini Greece for our honeymoon. Until we make it there, this is our little taste of the Greek Isles.

The day began by dropping the children off to Grammy and Papa...thank God for grandparents. We entered West Hill Street with camera in hand, our goal was to document the event with photos to share with all of the Married working mothers who could not attend. Unfortunately, this included my fellow Married working mother Founder, Candi, who was home sick with the cold. Candi let take this moment to say I missed you dearly!

What you are about to see are photos. Did I capture the event? Yes, did I capture what I believe to be the meaning of the word opa? Yes? Will you see photos of all the Greeks had to offer at Greek Fest 2013? Not so much.

What you are about to see is a story. This is my story of Eric and I at Greek Fest 2013. Enjoy! Sorry...OPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day began with our first photo.
Here you see The Greek Orthodox Church. 
Look at the sky. It was a beautiful day to attend a festival. Eric and I entered, excited and willing to immerse ourselves in Greece.

We arrived after 1pm. The line to enter was not long. The process was very efficient but at this point, we were too elated to notice or  complain of  any glitches. 

The first item on the agenda upon entering was to find wine and beer. Before long we were equipped with our first set of cups. Eric began his Greek Beer Adventure and I decided on a nice winding Greek red wine to meander down for the day. I apologize...no clue what the name of the beer or wine we drank. Blame it on my head and not my heart for this lack of information.

Next, food. Ahhhh, food!

Calamari with a pretty blue fingernail in honor of Greece.
Greek Salad

Do you think my mouth is wide enough to eat one little Smelt Fish? 

It was at this time we left the Church grounds to walk to Scotiabank. In our haste to get to Greek Fest, we forgot to stop for money, a necessity to having a great opa kind of day! On the way, somewhere in front of McDonalds I stepped on a rock, slightly twisting my ankle. No alarm needed, I didn't twist my ankle but instead I popped my shoe. Somehow, I made it to Scotia and sat on a wall on Navy Lion Road waiting for Eric to do two things. First he had to get money. While in Scotiabank, I took this photo.

Notice the side of the shoe has detached from the sole.
Please pay no attention to the amount of wine missing from my cup.
The second task Eric had was to purchase me a pair of shoes. Seeing that we were on Bay Street, I suggested a nice pair of flip flops would suffice. I was shoeless and hopeful! I sat on the side of the road with drink in hand waiting patiently. Eric returned gleefully with shoes in hand. He proudly handed me these stylish puppies to replace the shoes I broke, literally. I went from this...

To this...

What the hell?

Needless to say, I didn't want to burst his bubble immediately, so I got more drinks once we returned to Greek Fest and called a lifeline. I asked a girlfriend to bring me a pair of flip flops. There was no way I could survive a day wearing Ministry of Tourism flip-flops. I promise you these flip flops had the bubbles in the shape of The Bahama Islands, like The Ministry of Tourism Logo.

Anywho, the day continued. All of a sudden I thought of a brilliant plan. I figured out a way to distract from my feet. In Channing's honor, I got my face painted. First time ever! Mothers we need to do this more often.

And before I knew it Liz arrived with replacement shoes to wear. I was ecstatic! Sorry Eric! Thank you Elizabeth Taylor. I am forever indebted! I don't think I have ever been that excited to see Liz!


At this point, the party really began. The drinks kept coming, the crowd got thicker and Eric celebrated our day of fun with a cigar.

Now before we knew it day turned to night. The crowd thinned as a new wave of revelers arrived. It was at this time Eric and I transitioned to the actual church grounds across the street from the parking lot. Who knew the music we were hearing was from a band. I don't know the name, but they were jamming! 

This band was so good I am proud to boast that Elizabeth and I learned a greek dance. A greek colleague of mine, Alexia, joined hands and we pranced throughout the crowd. 

I was exhausted but had a glorious time. We were at this festival all day and the fun kept coming. 

If I had one complaint, it would be that some of the food stalls closed early. I would have loved another order of Calamari. All of my dancing worked up an appetite that only Smelt or another greek salad would satisfy. Nonetheless, we kept dancing and drinking until it was time to go home.

I believe we took this photo right before leaving. If I may take a few lyrics from The Fresh Beat Band, "It was a great day, it was a super way, to spend some time together!" 

I hope if you attended Greek Fest 2013 you had a blast like we did! If not I had enough fun for you. Women, we need to let go and let fun in!



So I'm expected to follow that post?!?!  Thanks Tiffany! LOL. I must say that it shows that you and Eric are truly best friends.

Ok now me....LOL (oh Lord what is Candi about to talk about)

I will play the association game. 

Hmmm....a word that I would associate with my marriage....let me think..........CHALLENGING! :)

It's so funny, I was recently at a cousin's wedding and while at the church waiting on the ceremony to begin I leaned over to my sister and said "Damn, people still doin' this? Really!?" and of course we broke into laughter because we both knew our cousin (the Bride) had no clue what was ahead of her.  Sounds kinda mean, but hey it's the truth. LOL

If it's one thing I would have appreciated was someone telling me prior to getting married was just how hard this sh*t is! (please don't be offended by my half curse word)  Tell me the nitty gritty, hold nothing back, and don't put a bow on it.  But I guess you have to live it to understand it, huh?  Maybe that's why people are still getting married. :)

My husband, Deran, and I have been together a total of 7 years, married for 4 years and it feels like 20! (*insert straight face emoticon here*) We've been through ALOT just like I'm sure many of you married couples out there have been through as well.  It hasn't been easy and no one told me that I would want to choke my husband about once a day...LOL...(ok, not that often but it's alot...haha)   

But it is hard. And it is work.  It is hard work and with all jokes aside, marriage is a roller coaster and you have to know there will be bumpy times, scary times, happy times, crying times, laughing times, "you better leave me the hell alone before I say something" times, lovey dovey times, bonding times, and the list goes on.  It takes strong communication, commitment, compromise, reassurance, sorry's, constant rejuvenation, lots of forgetting and Love :)  

Deran is actually sitting next to me reading this post and he approves this message. haha

Deran and I @ a friend's wedding

Anyone else want to play the association game and describe their marriage?

Saying this thing called marriage is hard, Candilaria   


The 20 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship


Let's play the word association game. What words would you associate with the word marriage?


I believe it is fair to state that the words you relate to your marriage are dependent upon how many years you have been married. Newlyweds have a different perspective from others who have been married for five years, twenty-five or fifty years of marriage.

Eric and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this July. I can think of many words, but my number one word for my marriage is friendship. Eric was my friend then and he is my best friend now. It is my goal to continue to make the choices to ensure he is  my best friend twenty years from now.
Eric and I
My Best Friend

But how?
Below is a link to an article titled The 20 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship. The article is written by real married couples and people who have seen, studied, and lived really good love.
The advice is practical and relative. Some advice tips are 'Don't try to change what you fell for', 'Be silly', 'Get a reliable baby sitter' and  'Get yourself in the mood'.

The Link is below. Check it out. Make your marriage the best marriage you have ever had!


Eric's friend,