Working Women Need Wine and Mothers Need Merlot!

It has always been my belief that every woman needs to drink one glass of wine every night. Why? Why not? Just like our husbands who have been to work all day, we need something to take the edge off, to unwind, to download. We would be happier wives to come home to. I guarantee I am a much better mother when my panties aren't all in a bunch.

My husband Eric and I went to Bristol this past weekend. They had a sale. We purchased a bottle of Hob Knob Wine.....not bad! So if you see a bottle of this anywhere purchase it.

If you are reading this and thinking you are above drinking wine every night then so be it, stay stressed, irritable and the type of woman your husband doesn't want to come home to. But if you want to be a woman who laughs with her kids and yes her husband to......have a glass of wine!

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Miss Worrell said...

Wow ... I thought only me had these thoughts... life is much better with a women that has had some wine..

I'm sitting here thinking, wow someone gets it!