Religion: Let's Go To Church

Yesterday was Sunday. I believe Sunday is the day for worship. It was how I was raised, it was what Eric and I did while dating, it was how Channing has been raised. We went to church with Channing from the time she was born. It was never an ordeal. Our church at the time had no nursery. No problem! We didn't need one. Channing sat next to us in the pew either in her Bumbo or as she got older, she stood and colored or played. To this day, she will play, put together an entire puzzle in a pew, not disturbing us from worship.

Introducing Master Chase Ari Hall.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. We were up, fed and dressed and out of the house by 10:20am. We were on time. This was going to be good day. After arriving at church, Eric says" I don't think there is Sunday School today!"

Before I continue, allow me to let pictures tell the story. We took these pictures after returning home. They depict exactly what happened at church.

We all have some resemblance of a smile.


I am still smiling. Chase looks like he is devising a plan.
Who knows what Channing is thinking!


Chase wants his freedom!

Channing has checked out! I am wondering, "What is wrong with this boy?"
Chase is determined.

I give up!
Doesn't it look like I am about to spank him with the very palm I got from church?

How do I attend church with a one year old boy? How? I have been told to just let him wonder around but I see the faces, I can hear their thoughts.
Why won't someone come get this boy?
I so want to be in church every Sunday.
I need some advice, tips, support or your empathy to let me know I am not the only mother of a one year old boy who won't keep still in church!
Please comment and tell me what you do.
Until I worship again,


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