Just In Case

Just in case you read my blog about The History of Easter, I totally have to make sure that all of you know that my mother did a phenomenal job of ensuring I know the meaning of the Easter Season.

I did not communicate well during my latest blog.

After my mother read the blog, I received a motherly email about her disappointment in me not knowing the meaning of Easter, after all of her efforts to ensure I attended Sunday School at Calvary Bible Church.

Mummy I know you are reading, I am so sorry. The only reason I know about Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and that he died on the cross for me is because of your tireless effort and commitment to my spiritual foundation and growth.

The purpose of the blog was to send links to explain the symbols associated with Easter, for example, why is there an easter bunny with candies and eggs? Who had the first easter egg hunt?

My dear readers, I know Jesus. I know about his crucifixion and his resurrection.
I know the meaning of Easter. I know you do too.

Let's all learn why we are getting easter baskets for our children.

Once again sorry Mummy!

Thanks for reading though!

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