Gardening: It's Spring Time!

It is officially spring. Let's celebrate by getting in the garden!

I don't know about any of you, but my desire to garden heavily exceeds my budget. As a woman and a mother I know how to improvise. I know how to 'go wit what I gat'!

And so ladies, today's blog is about me in our yard, sorry our garden. I walked around and around until I stumbled across this project. It was perfect. 

A cluster of Bromeliads

Believe it or not, this plant is sitting in a pot. Here you can see the original bigger bromeliad with a smaller pup growing from the side.

Bromeliads are my favorite because they can survive in our rocky garden and they are the plants that keep on giving. We started with one bromeliad but now we have many. The pups just keep growing and growing. We keep separating and separating!

Here is a full view. 


There is too much 'growing' on in this pot! I have a large bromeliad with a pup, two smaller bromeliads of another variety and last but not least a congregation of snake plants.

So the plan for today is simple. I will separate the plants and replant them. 
Let's begin.

Step One: Take the plants out of the pot. 

Look at all of the roots. Clearly these plants need to be repotted.
I left my pearls on to represent for all the Married Working Mothers! 

Step Two: Carefully pull each plant to separate. Do this slowly to to maintain as many roots as possible. 

I began with one pot with a variety of plants. Now I have all of these!

Stay tuned for how one pot of plants can be rejuvenated into four separate bromeliads and a medley of snake plants. Will I repot them or should I put them directly in the ground? Look for the update post. 

In the meantime, get into your yard, sorry garden, or supervise someone in your garden.
It's Springtime!

This post would not be complete if I did not give credit to my two worthy assistants.

Say hello to Master Chase Ari. 
He is responsible for digging!

  Greetings to Channing Tatum.  She is responsible for posing for photos in outfits she picks all on her own.

Special thanks to Mr. Eric Nathan Hall of 07 Photography.
Catering to all of my imagery needs!

Until we plant again,

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