Top 5 Moments of My Day

Here are the top five moments of Monday 4th March, 2013 for Tiffany Hall.

5. Looking at my reflection in the mirror.
    I am looking good! No vodka during the week is seriously working!
4. Having a telephone conversationwith a girlfriend at 4:15pm in the afternoon.
    I was behind closed doors with no children in sight!
3. Ending my shower with my new best product ever, Oil Of Olay Shower Body Lotion
    After bathing, you rub this creamy solution all over then rinse. No lotion needed!

2. Hearing Channing laugh and Chase fart!
    Children bring life to a home......okay most of the time it sounds like noise.
1. Picking up my husband from work.
    This brings me such joy when we are back together. All is right in the world.

It is the simple things in life that bring us joy. What are your top five moments for today? What can you be thankful for?

Until I write again,

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