Friday Night!

It’s Friday night!

What are you doing?
As a working woman there are always plans to be made and plans to keep.
As a married woman tonight may be date night or it may be “ME” time.
But as a mother, a Friday night for me has meant it is another night. It is another night to put the kids to bed and surrender to my fatigue.

What are you doing tonight?

Whatever you do enjoy the moment.
Enjoy a night out on the town with girlfriends. Enjoy a glass of wine at a quiet bistro alone while reading a novel on your Kindle. Enjoy a night out with your husband; laugh, flirt and reignite the attraction. Enjoy a night at home after the kids are in bed by taking a long bath and putting on a pair of comfy pajamas as you watch the Scandal Episode you missed last night.
Whatever you do enjoy your role as woman, wife and mother!

It’s Friday night!
What are you doing tonight?
It's Friday Night a.k.a. Hard Liquor Night

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