Welcome to the new year...(just a tad bit late)

Well hello there,

I've been missing again, but then I can't say that you've actually missed me since I really don't have a clue who you are or who is in fact reading this blog. Ha ha...hmmmm.

Welcome to 2013!  I'm sure many of you have constructed your goals for the year and hopefully finalized them by writing them out in your best handwriting and your best pen. heehee

Last night, I was browsing the internet and it was amazing to see so many women blogging and maintaining these incredible websites!  Blogging can be/is a full time job but for some of these women it's just another part of what they do on top of their main job, as well as keeping a house, dealing with the children and husband, and maintaining family and friend relationships.  Brave is the word that comes to mind, to take on such a task. Brave.

It's all very inspiring to say the least.  Then I got to thinking...Tiffany and I are really on to something here, especially in The Bahamas.  I browsed these websites and while they offer great advice and a plethora of information, they are not specific to our life here in the beautiful Bahamas.  Social events for us, activities for our kids, information of what's happening around the islands.  I believe, no I know, there are a lot of married working mothers out there that need an outlet like this (the Lord knows I do!).

I hope for 2013, this blog becomes the first source for go to information for Married Working Mothers or just working mothers, and Tiffany and I will do our damnedest to make that happen. Let's be Brave right, Tiff?  Tiff? Where Tiff?....Maybe I should have a meeting with my partner first. LOL. 

Trying to be Brave, Candilaria

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to 2013...being a new mommy and all!!

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