Missing In Action

Yes, yes, so I've been missing in action....

I do sincerely apologize for abandoning my readers over the past several months.

Soooo, I've been doing lots of introspection...I know I know, not again Candi?!  But I feel it's healthy to examine your thoughts, feelings, goals, motives, etc. every once in a while.  More often than not.  It keeps YOU on track, right? Like your e-mails in your inbox, if you don't purge unnecessary messages you end up with 1067 e-mails! (yes that's how many e-mails that were just sitting in my inbox....yikes!)

I've been frustrated, irritable, angry, sad, unhappy, pushed and pulled in every direction and I started to become withdrawn. That type of behaviour takes a toll not only on you but your family as well.  You try to be there and continue doing what you are supposed to do but that's difficult when you know you are not performing at the level you expect of yourself.  BUT....recently I had, what Oprah would call it, an "A-HA" moment. 

This is my "A-Ha" moment....we as married working mothers become so inundated with everything that goes on in our daily lives that our minds become unorganized messes.  Just like the overflowing inbox and just like the junk drawer you have in your kitchen (hey don't judge me, I know you have one too...right?!).  So you sift through the pile of junk in this drawer trying to find the scissors, the tape, your favorite pen or the mini screw driver so you can open the damn cover of one of your children's toys to place batteries in it! You become so frustrated that you can't find anything in the drawer, you slam it shut and start ranting and raving about how you can't find anything in the house anymore. hehe...I know it's not only me.

We CANNOT do it all.  I thought I could, but I can't.  Without a clear and organized mind we cannot work effectively. 

With that being said..... We must organize our minds to be focused.  We must streamline our lives to be efficient or else our ability to communicate with those around us begins to break down if we do not.

So beginning today, think of ways you can restructure your life so that you are a better person for YOU and for those you love.  I have begun and I already feel a difference and I will continue to make those steps.

I'm back, Candilaria