Anyone taking vitamins? I need a good vitamin to give me energy to wash clothes, sweep, mop, clean the kitchen, wash and comb my daughters hair and um, oh yes water the plants I have all around the house because I am too lazy to lift outside.

I want to take a pill that will allow me to do all of that in let's say two okay three hours but most importantly, when I am finished all of these tasks, I want to have that feeling right when you get out of bed after a good night's sleep!

Does anyone know of any vitamin I can take? Anyone? Anyone?


It is 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning  and the house is quiet. At this very moment I give thanks for being an MWM!

I am thankful for being Married.....I love life with my best friend, my husband.

I am thankul for working. Yesterday was payday....because of work I have an appointment to get nails done today.

I am thankful for being a mother....I love you Channing and Chase.

Today I give thanks!

Missing In Action

Yes, yes, so I've been missing in action....

I do sincerely apologize for abandoning my readers over the past several months.

Soooo, I've been doing lots of introspection...I know I know, not again Candi?!  But I feel it's healthy to examine your thoughts, feelings, goals, motives, etc. every once in a while.  More often than not.  It keeps YOU on track, right? Like your e-mails in your inbox, if you don't purge unnecessary messages you end up with 1067 e-mails! (yes that's how many e-mails that were just sitting in my inbox....yikes!)

I've been frustrated, irritable, angry, sad, unhappy, pushed and pulled in every direction and I started to become withdrawn. That type of behaviour takes a toll not only on you but your family as well.  You try to be there and continue doing what you are supposed to do but that's difficult when you know you are not performing at the level you expect of yourself.  BUT....recently I had, what Oprah would call it, an "A-HA" moment. 

This is my "A-Ha" moment....we as married working mothers become so inundated with everything that goes on in our daily lives that our minds become unorganized messes.  Just like the overflowing inbox and just like the junk drawer you have in your kitchen (hey don't judge me, I know you have one too...right?!).  So you sift through the pile of junk in this drawer trying to find the scissors, the tape, your favorite pen or the mini screw driver so you can open the damn cover of one of your children's toys to place batteries in it! You become so frustrated that you can't find anything in the drawer, you slam it shut and start ranting and raving about how you can't find anything in the house anymore. hehe...I know it's not only me.

We CANNOT do it all.  I thought I could, but I can't.  Without a clear and organized mind we cannot work effectively. 

With that being said..... We must organize our minds to be focused.  We must streamline our lives to be efficient or else our ability to communicate with those around us begins to break down if we do not.

So beginning today, think of ways you can restructure your life so that you are a better person for YOU and for those you love.  I have begun and I already feel a difference and I will continue to make those steps.

I'm back, Candilaria

Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone

No one tells you that as a mother you will experience loneliness.

My life before motherhood was filled with endless experiences with my best friend, my husband the father of my childern. We did almost if not everything together. Today our lives our different.

I miss my best friend.

I miss my husband.

Motherhood is lonely because mothers are always there. As a mother I have no where to go. I am always in place when my husband has his radio show, or he has football practice or he has to go into work. Taking care of our children is my ultimate responsibility when the demands of his life occur.

And so I am at home with our children. I am on the floor playing games but I am lonely. I am tickling our children to make them laugh but I am lonely. I color and paint and draw but I am lonely.

My children cannot fill the void in my soul.


A Mother's Day Staycation

In honor of my role as a mother, I had my 2nd Annual Staycation. I checked into Atlantis for the weekend.........ALONE!


I can go on and on!

Did I miss my children? Yes. But I missed my husband even more.

I missed Eric because for these two days I felt like an adult. I felt like I did before I became a mother. I felt sexy, free to do what I wanted when I wanted. As a result, I wanted my best friend to share in the moment. I wanted to share this glorious moment with my husband.

But not this weekend! This weekend was for me.

Do I feel refreshed? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I want to say yes I am but I know it is only for a few more hours. As soon as I get home I know it will be back to reality, back to my life, back to motherhood!

A Blog Written By My Husband

For the first time in my 36 years of life, I think I have a clue when it comes to my wife, motherhood and our two little darlings.

This year for Mother’s Day, my dearest wife Tiffany, spent a lovely weekend on her own at Atlantis, Paradise Island; abandoning, I mean leaving me to care for our children.

My journey to motherhood discovery began Saturday afternoon when we departed PI after a little family pool time and a late lunch. Tiffany went to her room. I went home with the kids. My first goal was to ensure the three year old did not fall asleep on the way as it would disrupt her schedule for dinner, bath and bedtime (CRITICAL). The baby could sneak a few minutes because it would mean he would be more alert for his cereal feeding, no biggie.

So we’re driving, Channing is talking and singing, Chase is sleeping, COOL. About two minutes from home there is quiet. Oh no, she’s falling asleep! I reach back and shake her leg, useless. I call her name, useless. I step on the gas…home is sixty seconds. Out of the car, on your feet…oh the crying begins (I don’t care, crying means you are not sleeping. I bribe her with computer time and we’re off to the races.

Next step, make her dinner while Chase is mellow (of course she didn’t eat the late lunch) then let her chow down while I bathe Chase. Yes, cereal is going in the bottle tonight.
So now my ego starts to kick in, I am man I run this house, why these woman is be freaking out? Sniff, sniff? What is that smell and why are you grinning little boy? My son just had one of those up the back craps right before his bath. The kind where there is no way to undress him without getting butt mud all over him. Yikes. I get a scissors and cut the outfit off and use half a box of wipes in the process.

I’m still “the man” right? No, because Saturday morning Channing left the faucet in her bathroom on and flooded her bedroom carpet and now bath time for Chase is in the kitchen. He hates it and screams violently the whole time so people driving by stop and ask if everything is “ok in there.”Thanks son.

Thanks to avoiding the nap and the extra pool time I get everyone settled by 8:30PM.
Most Sundays our day begins around 5AM to get ready for the 7AM Mass. I switched it up and decide to go with my mother to 9AM Mass. That worked out well because I had the 6AM bottle ready early and thanks to Grandma, did not have to do hair! Although we were 10 minutes late we still got great seats and I did look like super Dad with two exceptionally well behaved kids. Also, super cute!

We get out of church by 12:45PM and I make a smart decision to do a drive thru lunch to make sure we eat right away and I avoid making a mess in the kitchen (suddenly messes, avoiding them and managing them is on the forefront of my mind). We get home, I make an executive decision that air conditioning is going on in the den and we are going to cool out. Chase gets some juice and shortly after Grandma comes home and rocks him is out cold. Channing is eating, I am watching Restaurant Impossible and my ego makes a comeback. What makes it worse is, Channing then complains that Chase is on her sleeping bag. I move him over, she gets in. Oh yeah, the MAN reach. Sunday afternoon, bellies full and EVERYONE about to take a nap, the KING is here!

By the time I stretched out and actually felt a little relaxed, I hear her still shifting and shuffling… “I have to peeeeeeee.” She peed 10 minutes ago. Please lie down and go to sleep. The ensuing freak out wakes up Chase and all is ruined. He is up she still pees, I get NO nap.

Time to go to Grammy and Papa’s house, I pack them up with the intention of staying all afternoon and bringing them home fed, bathed and ready for bed. My plan sounds good until almost 5PM when my mother announces they are going to my cousin’s for tea. I am on my own again.

I take Channing for ice cream as a treat and half way home realize that her eating it is keeping her awake! The King is back, I am so smart!

Folks, nothing is sweeter than a little kid eating ice cream half-asleep. FAIL.
Time to hit the gas pedal…oops, no gas, let’s go to the station as she drifts to dreamland. Great, the kid is asleep and I have the whole evening schedule ahead of me. She cries all the way inside and for 5 minutes on her sleeping bag until she is gone. Well the Brightside is now I can wash the dishes and feed Chase his cereal.

Ok, in highchair, cereal is ready let’s do this. The first five minutes goes well until he turns red and begins freaking out. I mean really freaking out. So, my fault, the damn cereal was too hot. Let’s close that chapter and skip ahead to screaming bath. Leftover cereal goes into bottle, 8oz. to be sure. Pull up a recorded episode of Team Umizoomi for the big baby and head to the back. Chow down and just like that he is belly-full-ass-glad laid out looking up in my face. A beautiful parenting moment. I leave him awake on the bed, thinking he is too full and contented to need me. However, ego is nowhere to be found.

I finish up the kitchen, get a spray bottle of cleaner and start wiping down anything in reach. I start another episode of Team Gimmeabreaky and sit on the couch to breathe. What seemed like 5 minutes later, it was 30, I get the call from Channing that Team Umizoomi is broken. I advise her that show is over and now that it is getting dark, it is time to go to take a bath. She agrees and we get to it. I’ll skip ahead to 10PM and not go into how she got in “the big bed” singing and counting and keeping me awake. At about 10PM she wakes me up and says “I am ready to go to my own bed.”
The good Lord knows how and why my response was not, “carry your ass then”. All I can remember now is breezing through the morning as I did not do hair and got to Grammy and Papa early.

What did I learn? I don’t appreciate my wife enough. I thought I did. But I don’t. We are not equals. Yes I can perform any task she can (except for hair), but I do not have the compassion and patience that she has. If she was not constantly thinking about maintaining the house we would quickly live in a pig sty or I would regularly have to take days off from work to keep up with cleaning.

She is phenomenal and I love her and learning that this weekend makes me love her more and also, appreciate my mother more as well. Happy Mothers Day.

Bouncing Castles

It is with overflowing joy I document this day as my daughter's first day on a bouncing castle. A parent erected a bouncing castle at school to celebrate their child's birthday. All students will have access to this castle as it is on the playground for everyone to see. I am super excited for my Channing.


(I will now step onto my Soap Box)

I hate bouncing castles. They are a disaster waiting to happen ......... the lazy form of entertainment that my generation of parents have digested wholly. Why don't we play organized games with our children anymore?Remember the dread of musical chairs? Remember the excitement of pinning the tail on the donkey? Duck duck goose? Red Light Green Light? There are an endless amount of games to play with children. Instead we send our children into a cage like animals to bounce all over one another.

(I will now step off of my Soap Box)

Nonetheless, Channing will be introduced to a bouncing castle today.

Here is my issue though. Why are schools allowing parents to have such extravagant birthday celebrations during school time? I find it rather distateful to have your child's birthday party at school. I understand a cake cutting at school at the beginning of lunch time or at the end of the day but a bouncing castle? REALLY!

When did schools become the grounds for social activities that traditionally only occurred at our homes? Why are principals agreeing to the use of their property for personal activities?

Can anyone explain this to me?

Keeping a Clean House

Am I the only woman that cannot seem to keep her house clean?!?!  I mean seriously, it drives me nuts.  I know I know, I have small children but daaaang!  I feel like I am living in a whirlwind of toys, spilled juice, shoes everywhere, crayon markings on the wall, Max and Ruby on the television (BTW, where are their parents??? I have yet to see them!  Ruby takes care of Max like he's her child!...I don't get, I really don't), food on the floor, clothes hanging on the couch....the list is endless.

Then, when I get upset about it, my husband looks at me with a blank stare!....seriously?....Like dude, what are you looking at?!  Do you see this sh*t?! I want a clean house!  Is that really too much to ask? He's looking at me like I'm the crazy one!  He's looking at me, I'm looking at him, so I gave him a blank stare back.  Now, we're having a blank stare face off.  Some funny stuff I tell you.

Anyway, it's hard yall.  It's hard to keep a clean house with itty bitties in the house.  I don't have a housekeeper that comes anymore (what the hell am I thinking!) and so the only time my house is somewhat clean is after 8:30pm.  And we all know why after 8:30pm!  Bedtime!

I think it's just so nice to be able to sit down in a clean environment, with a big cup of hot tea, with either a good movie, book, magazine, or browse the Internet, etc. whatever it is you like to be doing.  It's such a calming feeling.  I can't think in Chaos.  I wish I took a picture this morning of how I left my house because I was just too tired to clean up after everyone last night.  I am ashamed! lol.

So, how do you keep your house clean?  Do you wait until a certain time to clean your house?  Do you have the kids set up in a particular area?  What do you do?!

A, I want to say "Clean it your-damn-self" Candilaria

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  How is everyone feeling today? 

It's the middle of the week, so I guess this is where you put in your 110% to make up for Monday and Fridays...hehe.

Do you think Wednesdays are the most productive day of the work week?  Tell me what you think and why!


Writer's Block

I am having writer's block.  I guess this is the reason I haven't posted anything in a couple of days.  And I will admit, it is difficult to write when I don't know who my audience is and what they are about.  Like, do I really want to run on with things that are of no interest to people in general?  I would hope that someday some of you that do read this blog would subscribe and leave comments.  Feedback is so important and definitely a motivator.  I am sure you understand.

BUT, I will say that I've also been a busy bee, hard at it with lots of little projects practicing with my new machine Silhouette Cameo.  Here are a few things I've done...

"Just Be" Subway Art

I love love love the 'Keep Calm' posters and have decided to make some of my own.  Now this one in particular is a little bootleg because I used a used canvas and you can see the unfinished painting underneath.  Hey, I figured I was only practicing so it wouldn't be a big deal.  hehe

I bought a light blue poster board this afternoon and thought it would have been nice for a Keep Calm poster.  But when I placed the lettering on top it faded and you could not see it very well.  So I painted over it with another colour in the blue family (have to look at bottle for exact name of the paint). And this is what I got!

I use different materials for these projects, like wood, canvas, poster boards, etc.  It all depends on the look and feel you want to achieve and where it will go in your house/office/craft room whatever.

More projects to come! :)

Project Candilaria

It's Monday!

It's Monday people!  Make it good and make it count!

I had such a good weekend.  If you recall a few weeks ago I was talking about my dreams and career goals, etc.  Well I am taking the necessary steps towards my future.

I love crafting, diy progjects, art, designing and home decor and this is where my passion is.  I am always looking for a new projects to engage in.  So, I bit the bullet and purchased an amazing machine called the Silhouette Cameo and can I am in LOVE!  It is the coolest creation ever!  My husband is even excited about it and has helped me with a project.

With that said, I will be starting another blog to showcase my projects and share my ideas, and love for the arts and crafts and everything handmade!

I am currently getting the page up and running and not ready to direct people there yet, but please stay tuned!

Sooo, be inspired, get out and go get them!  Talk to you soon!

An art 'n'craftin' Candilaria

Happy Monday!!!

Where does the time go?

So I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.  That even sounds weird saying that.  Life.  It's amazing how quickly time goes by.  Amazing and sad at the same time in a way.  One moment it's Monday and then you turn your head and it's Friday.  It doesn't seem like my last post was on February 15, it feels more like just yesterday.  But anyhoo, it doesn't make sense spending time dwelling on it, eh!

Time, waits on no one and nothing and is unapologetic about it.  Whatever you want to do you have to do it.  You can't hold things off anymore and say oh I'll do it tomorrow.  Tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes next month and next month turns into next year!

I know I am not saying anything you havent heard before.  You probably hear it everyday, but sometimes you have a moment where it really hits you.

A quarter of the year has come and gone.  Did you set any goals for yourself this year?  If so, where are you in terms of your goals?  If you are not where you would like to be, what steps can you take to get there?

I encourage you to get moving!  Because it is only you against time :)  We have one shot at this life.  One.

Make it happen!  And hey, you were given an extra day this year so I hope that

Talk to you soon,

What's up with the Children these days?

The way children act and carry themselves in today's world are a far cry from the way children acted and carried themselves back in our grandparents' day and beyond.  Granted, yes, the world has changed since then but do morals and values really change?  Should they change?  Respect for yourself and for others? Is that gone too?

How is it that we live in a world where an 8th grade little, yes little, girl can feel comfortable cursing out another parent because that parent accidentally spilled water on her or where a 15 year old child can post such a disgusting letter on her Facebook page addressed to her parents (even though she thought they would never see it because she locked them out of her page) about how they are giving her so much work to do around the house and that they should pay HER to do chores? 

How is it, people, that these children feel so entitled, are disrespectful and just downright disgusting?

So this is my theory, things started to change during the Baby Boomer Generation (our parents' generation).  During that time, after World War II, these were the people that remodeled society.  They re-defined traditional values.  It has been noted that this generation is widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of affluence.  With that said, to me I feel this was the beginning of the decline in North America and of course it affects us as well.  While they still passed down the same traditions and values they grew up with, I feel they were diluted as time passed.  Some hung on to them and some did not.

The world has changed so dramatically you often hear children saying it's not easy being a child in these times, well try being a parent (Not literally, please don't go and have a baby!).  BUT if we are stern with your children, the child has a right to call social services (in North America).  Yet, we find it hard to believe when the 8th grader cusses a parent out, or the 15 year old writes such a harsh letter about her parents.  Parents can no longer parent.  

The teachings I received as a child (which seems to be lost in today's society) will undoubtedly be passed on to my children.  I hope that respect for self and others, strong morals, values, and pride, etc. permeates their entire being to the point that they will not only live it but pass it on to their children to keep it going. 

That's all I can hope for.

Where have the parents gone? Candilaria

Oh Where Oh Where Have My Little Dogs Gone?

Do you know the children's song "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where oh where can he be? With his ears cut short and his tail cut long oh where oh where can he be?"

Well readers, trust and believe I do not have to sing this song. I know where our dogs have gone. Mayer and Maddox are their names. Two little black lovable dogs we gave away to one of my husband's colleagues.

Are you wondering why we gave away two dogs? The dogs we have owned beginning in 2005? The dogs we have bathed, had in our beds, taken to the beach.......I even fed Mayer with a spoon. If so let me tell you.

I gave them away because I have children with two legs now, I repeat children with two legs. With two children, that means I have four legs to protect. There is no way in my mind can I possibly conceive of taking care of twelve yes you do the math twelve legs. I might as well add in Eric's legs, that's 14 and occasionally mine 16 legs!

Can anyone guess how many arms I have?

Two arms! That's it! I am still diligently searching for The Arm Store just as diligently as I have been searching for The Money Tree. These two things must exist somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on a serious note, yes we decided to part ways with our dogs. Eric had a moment of sadness. He still may feel some loss. As for me based on the tone of this post I will let you decide on whether I miss Mayer Barack Hall and Maddox Obama Hall.


Hello my name is Tiffany!

Yes, I must begin by reintroducing myself. It has been a long while since I have had the ability to blog....yes ability. My desire to take a moment and sit at a computer overwhelmed me everyday but can I just reach out to the new mothers of two children out there.

Yes what the hell? Many warned me but their warnings were no preparation for having a two and a half year old and a three month old.

On December 9th I graduated to the Navy Seals of Motherhood. My nanny left and I became the sole heir to two children who apparently need a bath and something to eat everyday. Needless to say, attempting to be a mother of young children and blogging is a feat I have made as one of my goals to master.

And so, here goes name is Tiffany Hall. I am a proud thirty-nine year old mother to Channing Tatum (2) and Chase Ari (3months). I am married to Eric who is my lighthouse. We have been married for three years.

Let the blogging begin!

Vacay coming to an end

Yes, sad to say that my vacation is winding down and I am not a happy  Being off for the past 10 days felt so incredibly rejuvenating, I can't think of any reason as to why I didn't take one sooner...*sigh*.  What really allowed me to rest was the fact that all, yes ALL, the kids were not in the house.    (yes it was intentional! ;))The girls were in school and my baby boy was with my sister's housekeeper.  And you know what, I don't feel at all guilty for scheduling that way.  Nope, not one bit.

We women cannot and should not feel bad about putting ourselves first sometimes.  It's the only way we stay sane, eh?!  If we keep going and going at the rate which we all do on a daily basis, 365 days a year, we won't be any good to anyone!  

This vacation allowed me to reflect on a lot of things, especially what I want to do in terms of my career.  While growing up I've always known within myself that I wanted to own a business.  But what?  And how?  As time goes by (and yes I know time waits for no one) it becomes more and more apparent and the passion for it grows and grows.  My husband and I have been talking about it for more than a year now and finally I can feel that the pieces are falling into place.  With a little bit of hope, inspiration, goals, confidence, and hard work I think we are on our way for our dreams to come true.  

Although, I am sad to be going back to work tomorrow, it does give me the motivation to put my plans in place so that I can do what I've been doing while  on vacation.  No, not sleeping, but doing what I love best!  Creating! Designing! And making things beautiful!

Our plans are in its infancy stage at the moment and I will reveal them when it is the proper time and do it right because I would love your support.  

I can't wait to see how this story unfolds.

Rejuvenated Candilaria

What a Joyful Noise it was!

My husband and I went to the movies today to watch "Joyful Noise" starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.  I mean what a joyful noise it was!  I went with  little expectations since I've barely even seen the trailer for it.  I wouldn't consider it a musical because I believe musicals are when you suddenly break out in song and when the cast talk to each other through singing.  However, this movie wasn't short of songs or singing and good feelings.

"Joyful Noise" is definitely a must-see and such a breath of fresh air, not to mention so incredibly inspirational.  So inspirational that I walked out of the theatre and felt I could do anything and accomplish everything I ever wanted/want to do.  From the Choir's faith and determination to the secondary plot of young love it made me feel hopeful and restored a renewed excitement.  I think it is so important to find ways to keep it exciting and happy.

So enjoy the rest of your hump day and I hope you are able to find some time to go and watch "Joyful Noise" and feel inspired. 

A joyful Candilaria

Still out on Vacation

I must say, 2 weeks off was definitely the way to go.  I can't believe I haven't taken a proper vacation in years, and even when I took vacation it was only a day or two here and there, at most a week! I know I said that already but I had to repeat it. :) 

The first week I can honestly say I wasn't into doing much.  I guess it was my body's way of telling me to chill out.  However, this week I am busying myself with little projects that I will definitely be sharing with you.  As I mentioned in my last post I am working on a pillow for my baby daughter (since she picked out the fabric).  I've also started a piece of wall art to go over my kitchen window and finally I've convinced my husband to frame out the door leading to our laundry room so those who visit cant see (what a mess it while standing in the kitchen!  Also, to keep my baby son out of there!

There is also a project I really need to complete, a painting I started and it has been staring at me for the past couple of months.  Every time I look over at it I feel it is saying to me "how could you! How could you start me and then leave me!" LOL  I am not sure if any of you indulge yourselves in art work, however, if you do, have you ever been stuck on a particular painting?  It's like I don't know HOW to finish it.  It's such a favorite piece for me and I don't want to ruin it.  Hopefully I will get to complete it before I head back to work.  And if so, I hope to include the finish product along with the other projects.

Here is a picture of my painting as it is right now:

(It is acrylic and oil pastels on canvas)

Tell me what you think!


Sewing a pillow

I decided to take lessons from Tiffany's mother on how to sew various items, like pillows, drapes, valances, etc.  Today was the first day I met with her and boy did I have fun!  I was nervous before going because I wanted to do well and not mess up. Geneva (Tiffany's mom) said to me, "It's all about practicing, so if you mess up it's OK!"  Mind you, I've sewn things before but never in front of someone as they stood over and watched.  That's kind of nerve wrecking.  But Geneva was cool and a great teacher!

My baby girl picked out the fabric and off I was to start my first 18" pillow, with piping and a zipper! Ooooo!

Here is a pic of Day 1:  I cut out 2 18"x18" pieces of fabric that will make up the pillow.  Then I sewed the piping onto one of the pieces. Sorry for the not-so-great picture, I didn't think I was going to post any of this!

Updates to come!

Proud of myself Candilaria

Congrats Jason & Melinda!

Sorry this is a bit late, but we would like to send smiles and hugs and lots of love to our friends Jason and Melinda.  They just recently celebrated the birth of their baby boy!  We are incredibly happy for your family and can't wait to see baby Sacha!  Isn't it so cool that the 3 of us had a girl first and then a boy!  Boys are totally different, Tiffany will second that...LOL.

Love you guys!

See you all soon.

Tiffany & Candilaria

Homework...thanks, but no thanks!

Don't you think kids are getting far too much homework these days?  Gone are the days when children can be just that, children!  My 4 yr old is not even in grade 1 yet and the amount of homework she gets is crazy (at least to me).  My 14 yr old daughter is pretty much hankered down with homework for the entire night.

The sad thing is, if they don't keep up then your children are left behind because the standards have risen so dramatically globally that in order to give your children a fighting chance to compete on the world's stage you have no choice but to start teaching them how to read as soon as they exit the womb!  I thought you learnt how to read in grade 1, but I guess I was wrong.  It's crazy how things have shifted in such a short amount of time.  And then we have the whole "My baby can read" epidemic that now teaches 8 and 9 month old BABIES how to recognize words and to get them well on their way to reading.  It's  absolutely ridiculous.  Do people honestly feel proud at the fact that their 11 month old can read? I look at people weird when they tell me "Oh my baby has been reading since she was 9 months!" I look at them weird because I think to myself, what kind of parent are you?!  Anyway, that's another story.

So Asia comes home with 4 pages of homework.  On one of the pages, it instructs her to read the word, draw a picture and colour it.  OK, I'm sorry, excuse me?!  Does my 4 yr old even know how to draw a mug? A cap? A PIG? And the list goes on!  Goodness gracious, we will be here all night, because halfway through my daughter will insist her hand is laughing (tingling and tired) from all the work and just cannot continue (hand on forehead)!  But like a good parent I must get her to finish her homework or...hmmmm...I'm not sure what will happen if she didn't but I really don't want to find out.  Ahhhhhh! 

I hate homework.

Wish me Luck Candilaria

Candilaria Goes on Vacation!

Woohoo! Welcome Vacation! Finally! It's about time.  I don't think I've taken a proper vacation in years!  And do you know what I have planned?  A whole heap of NOTHING!  I am doing whatever hits me and I am so excited about it.  Of course I have my list of things to do but it is my list and if I choose not to check some of them off then, so what! HAHA...I love it!

So this is the e-mail I sent to people advising them of my absence:

Dear All, 

Please be advised that I will be out on vacation beginning ______ and returning on ________.

I will have no access to e-mails and will answer your e-mail upon my return.  Please go easy on the e-mails! :)

To know how I really feel about going on vacation, please click below. 



This morning I saw an advertisement for a course I've been longing to do for some time now.  I was so excited to see that something like this was being offered and I didn't even have to go through the College!  However, the class began today, the same day I find out about it.  Strike 1.  Nonetheless, I visited the website to find out more about the course and Strike 2 reared it's ugly head, the price! 

Don't you often find that while you would love to invest in yourself  most times you can't because of obstacles like timing and money.  Today, it was more about the money.  Like my previous post, I have decided to do what it takes  BUT doing what it takes will have to happen the next go around (lol, me finding out about it on the day the class actually begins doesn't help either).  Hopefully it will be offered at a later date where proper arrangements and preparations are made.

The course by the way was Auto Cad: Intro to Intermediate.  I wish to venture into interior architecture and design and this would be a great tool!

Until next time Auto Cad!  I will meet you soon!


Feeling Inspired

I woke up this morning, while feeling completely nackard, quite excited and weirdly inspired.  After posting on the blog last night my mind kept racing over the idea and possibilities of my dreams and goals actually coming true.  I felt it flowing through my entire body.

I saw this quote, and I love it.  So so true.  It starts with you!

"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.  If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation." Lao Tzu

Personal growth and inspiration feed one another.  When inspired, you step out on a limb and expose yourself to new and exciting things. When you learn, grow and improve at something, it inspires you!

I saw this other quote I found on a personal development site which was kind of my "AH HA!" moment.  

"You are in control of your most powerful personal leadership trait.  Understand that you are doing exactly what you want to be doing in your life at the moment."
..."Don't have the time to pursue your passion? Make the time, dammit!  If this is a priority, you'll make the time - rearrange your life until you have the time.  DO WHAT IT TAKES."

I guess they told me, huh!

A very excited Candilaria

In the Words of Betty White

Today I was and about doing the usual Saturday errands, but today I had my baby daughter with me and she kept asking for Dunkin Donuts.  So because she had been such a good girl (in the words of Asia, "I did not cry, not one single drop!") during her entrance exam for grade 1, I decided that she deserved a treat - I think it was more for myself to calm down because I was more nervous and terrified than she was!

While at Dunkin Donuts (The College of The Bahamas' location), we moseyed on over to the college bookstore .  Asia picked out 2 books and while I browsed the store I stumbled onto "If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)" by Betty White.  I've always been a huge fan of hers, of course largely due to the Golden Girls television series but also because I always thought she would be such an awesome person to have in your life, so incredibly witty, funny, and filled with experience and a wealth of knowledge. (Did any of you realize she was actually the eldest member of the Golden Girls cast? Nope. Not Estelle, Dorothy's mother as you would believe, it was Betty White!). 

In the first Chapter, entitled "Growing Older", the opening sentence is "Old age isn't for sissies." Funny yet so true.  So going back to my post the other day and about turning 30 and not knowing where my career is headed or finding my passion, I cracked up when I read it.  I knew right away I would love this book.  I finished it in 2 hours (I was interrupted by my  There was also a Chapter called "Enthusiasm" and could you guess what the first sentence of that chapter was?? "I think everybody needs a passion." HA.  Is Betty White speaking to me? It goes on to say the following:

"Whether it's one passion or a hundred, that's what keeps life interesting.
If you live without passion, you can go through life without leaving any footprints. You might leave behind pleasant memories in the minds of friends and acquaintances, but those dissipate quickly."

Wow.  When I read this I was immediately taken back to comments made by my father.  I recently announced that I wanted to enroll into an upholstery class, and my father said "Oh goodness Candi, not another class!"  Although the comment stung a bit, because I knew the place it was coming from, like any parent he wants me to find something in this life and I guess settle into it. I've been told that I have no "stickability".  I prefer to describe myself as a Jane of all trades.  Again, I am good at a lot of things and I am constantly undergoing new and different adventures.  So I gathered some comfort from Betty's comments implying that you don't HAVE to have ONE passion but you can have many!

I am no dummy, and while it may appear to persons on the outside that I may not know what I would like to do, I feel that all the many different classes I have/am engaged in are ingredients for something that I am being prepared for.  I am on the path.  Just you wait and see...


The Importance of Finding Your Passion

What is your motivation in life?  Or maybe I should ask the question, what is your passion?  I believe motivation and passion go hand in hand, it is passion that motivates you right?

Have you found your passion or are you still searching?  How do you know if you've found it?  Is it a feeling you get?  Is there a certain way of searching for your passion or is it something that should hit you? 

I woke up this morning feeling the same way I felt coming down to the end of 2011 once again...

All of those questions I asked myself leading up to my 30th Birthday last year.  I was having a difficult time realizing that I was turning such a monumental age (at least in my eyes) and I was unmotivated, melancholy, and confused as to what I wanted to do with my life in terms of my career.  A large precentage of my peers from high school had become doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. but professionals.  I was feeling grossly inadequate and insecure about where I was in my life.  Please do not confuse the fact that I love my life, my husband and kids, this has nothing to do with my family life.  However, I was/am seeking more gratification in my personal development and career.  Has there ever been a point in your life that you felt that way?  Or are you going through it now?

I enjoy many things and am good at alot of things.  Is there a particular skill I awesome at, no.  Maybe if I focused and gave my all to one particular thing, yes I think I would be great.  Do I want to do that?  I don't know.  I like being well rounded and knowing how to do alot of things rather than just one.  Don't get me wrong, I admire people that have that ONE thing they dedicate their entire life too and are the best at it.  To me that's true passion and discipline.  Is it possible to have that kind of passion for many things?

I thought I could be a Doctor and even a Lawyer, but my heart was not there and I did not feel I fit those molds.  I am more of the creative, animated, spirited type (not saying that Doctors and Lawyers aren't!!!! LOL!) and I love that about myself.  I love painting, designing, and every thing crafty.  I love searching for new projects to do.  But face it with 3 children (but primarly the younger 2) at home I find it very difficult to start and even worse complete a project.  So, sometimes I feel is this really my passion if I can never get anything done?  Shouldn't my passion motivate me so much that I get it done by any means necessary? And how can I turn that passion into something to make money from?!

2012 is dedicated to finding that passion, or uncovering that passion that is there but needs a little nudge to present itself. No excuses.  So this is my journey...


Mini Pizza time...

Tonight was a quick dinner night (gotta love those!).  I decided to make homemade mini pizzas with the kids and they turned out great!

I bought a sleeve of english muffins, some pizza sauce, mozzerella cheese, and with various toppings (pepperoni, onions, mushrooms onions) made the most adorable little pizzas.  They were a big hit with the kids and they loved the fact that they helped with dinner.

Turn the oven onto 400 degrees, place the muffins on the cookie sheet, spread the pizza sauce on the muffins, sprinkle the cheese and add your favorite toppings.  Pop those puppies in the oven for about 10 minutes and Voila! Dinner time!

What do you do for quick dinners? Any cool recipes to share?

Bahamas Race for the Cure...Check!

I did it!  I participated in the Bahamas Race for the Cure (a Susan G. Komen event) and completed the 3.1 mile run.  While, 3 miles may not seem like alot (and a couple of years ago it was a walk in the park for me when I was an avid runner) but since I haven't ran in months and months it means I am months and months out of shape!  The first leg of the race was the Western bridge to Paradise Island.  Can I say, my heart was burning and beating out of my chest by the time I got to the top and there was still 3 miles to go!  But I kept going, slow and steady the whole way.  My time was 37mins and it is almost embarrassing to post it for a mere 3 miles but I will use this as motivation to get it in gear and get back on the level I used to be.

Here are, literally, one or two pictures of before and after the race (My photographer did not make it to take pictures, he was at home taking care of the

We (my sister and I) just arrived and walked in on an already very energetic atmosphere in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  The turnout was awesome.  The amount of people that were there by start time was unbelievable.  People travelled from all over to attend this race!

My sister (on the left) and I after the race.  My sister finished in 29 minutes!  Way to go Michaela!  I think my heart was trying to find its way back inside my
Until next year!

P.S. Please be sure to schedule a mammogram.  Early detection of breast cancer is the key!  I will be scheduling mine very soon!

Finally Friday

Sighhhhhhhhh, finally, it is the end of the work day on Friday.  Whoohoo!

So did anyone have anything freaky happen to them for Friday the 13th?  Do you believe in that?  I was listening to the radio this morning and they mentioned that millions and millions of people are seriously debilitated on this day.  I mean cannot get out of bed, don't want to leave the house, etc. all because of fear.  Well today was just like any other day for me. Your mind is such a powerful tool that when you allow it, it can take over and create things that don't really exist.  But guess what? You control your mind! So Cheers to the rest of Friday the 13th! 

Signed up and ready to go

I am all signed up and ready to go for Bahamas Race for the Cure this Saturday, January 14, 2012.  It begins at 7am and I am hoping I am in the condition to run (or walk) since I haven't ran in months!  This is a good way to kick off my healthy year of eating well and exercising, plus it's for a great cause.  I hope to see some of you out there (who live in the Bahamas)!  I will make sure and take before and after pictures to share.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Susan G. Komen for the Cure will be hosting Bahamas Race for the Cure this Saturday, January, 14, 2012.   Breast Cancer awareness is extremely important in this country as the average age for detection is 42 years of age compared to the age of 62 in the U.S.  It is suggested that Bahamian women start having mammograms as young as 30 years old!  That's a harsh reality, but that's our reality.  Susan G. Komen for the cure works diligently in researching the reasons why this is the case here, mainly due to genetics.  This race is to raise funds so that they can continue to research and fight against this cruel disease. Whether you have been diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed this is an awesome event to show your support.  You can visit the website to find out more information or even sign up. I will definitely be there!

Below is a little snippet from the main Susan G. Komen website which I encourage you to visit ( and read more about Susan G. Komen and her story. The site is filled with great information.  Please take the time to visit.

Our Work

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision of a world without breast cancer.


Fulfilling the Promise

Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure and launched the global breast cancer movement. Today, Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. Thanks to events like the Komen Race for the Cure, we have invested more than $1.9 billion to fulfill our promise, becoming the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world.


Breast Cancer Then and Now

Since 1982, Komen for the Cure has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer – transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease and helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors. We are proud of our contribution to some real victories:
  • More early detection – nearly 75 percent of women over 40 years old now receive regular mammograms, the single most effective tool for detecting breast cancer early (in 1982, less than 30 percent received a clinical exam).
  • More hope – the five-year survival rate for breast cancer, when caught early before it spreads beyond the breast, is now 98 percent (compared to 74 percent in 1982).
  • More research – the federal government now devotes more than $900 million each year to breast cancer research, treatment and prevention (compared to $30 million in 1982).
  • More survivors – America’s 2.5 million breast cancers survivors, the largest group of cancer survivors in the U.S., are a living testament to the power of society and science to save lives.

Members, come out come out where ever you are!

I would like to think that there are people that check our blog daily :).  However, I encourage you, to sign up and become a member so we can receive your feedback, comments, and stories!    I won't lie, visiting the page on a daily basis and seeing "you have no members" is a bit discouraging at times.  But we can only hope that you are out there reading and visiting daily! :)

Mondays Mondays Mondays

Mondays, why do you come so quickly?  You must be the most hated day of the week.  Well, sorry to hear that, however don't look for any love from me. That's mean isn't it.  Ok OK's 2012, a brand new year for brand new attitudes!  So let's get it!

And so sorry folks for not posting over the weekend.  But as all of you can understand, sometimes you cannot steal a moment.  My Saturday was filled with taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning the house.  So from 6:30am until 3:00pm I was on my feet trudging away like a busy bee while the children watched the movie RIO over and over and over.  (It's a good thing I enjoy the movie too, whew!). Then after 3pm, we got on the road to run errands.  On Sunday, it was grocery day [triple stamps at Super Value day :) like that].  We also had my in-laws over for Sunday lunch/dinner.  After giving the children their baths, packing up for tomorrow, and putting them to sleep, the only thing I wanted to do was go to sleep.  No computer time for me!

But now it's Monday, the beginning of the week.  And we are back.  However, I think my poor friend Tiff is having a harder time getting to the computer than me with her almost 3 month old.  YIKES!  Don't miss that phase at all. Sorry tiff riff.  But it gets better with every day that goes by.

So folks, go and make things happen!

Movie Suggestion:  "In Time" with Justin Timberlake.  The concept of the movie is cool.  Oh and I also suggest "Rio" too, tres cute.

Midnight coughing spells...

I was awakened by coughing spells bellowing from my precious 18 month old son, Aindreas' mouth.  I am upset.  Why is this cough STILL HERE!  I swear it has been around since he was born! [a bit of an exaggeration I know but had to emphasize the amount of time...heehee...but I am also quite dramatic too :) ] No, but seriously, I've taken him to his pediatrician's office about a dozen times AND the walk-in clinic when I just couldn't stomach paying over $100 AGAIN to the pediatrician when I felt he should have fixed him the first time around (second, third, and fourth!)

So he's finished his medicine, now what?!?!  Thoughts of pneumonia and chest infections cross my mind and is the only reason I keep taking him to the doctor's office.  They always tell me his chest is clear.  So why Mr. Doctor Man/Woman, does my child still have this cough?  What do I do in this situation?  At this point I can't say it will go away on its own because it's been months now. Sighhhhh......

Suggestions anyone!?

Concerned for my baby,
Candi :)

A New Year.....A New Nanny Again!

Anyone out there employed a nanny for longer than a year? Please give me some pointers to increase their employment time with me? I must admit I fired one of them. The other passively quit. If she returns next week I will fire her too!

Is the key to longevity to first hire someone who can meet your needs and then secondly, give a performance evaluation to ensure they meet your requirements?

Seeking advice for longevity

Passport Update

Can you believe it? The Passport Office called me this morning. I have an appointment for Friday at 10am. I am so very extremely unbelievably impressed. I will keep you posted on Friday's appointment.

DJ, on a Jet Plane...

My big son, Dj (17) moved to Texas in Sept. 2011 to finish his last year in High School and is now living with my brother-in-law and his family. It's not easy when a child "moves" out of the house. Essentially, you are voluntarily relinquishing your parental influence on a daily basis to someone else. And while it's hard to not have that daily influence on your child, we are so incredibly fortunate that he is with his uncle and auntie that are superly awesome. But at 17 you have pretty much raised your child and all you can do now is help guide him through this thing called life.

Dj came down for the holidays and we were so excited to have him home. Such good times. My baby son (Aindreas, 19 months) couldn't stop calling out his name the whole time he was here..."DJ! DJ! DJ!" He, my big daugther (D'ante, 14) and my baby daughter (4 1/2) {Yes, we have plenty chirren, lol} certainly loved up on Dj good!! :)

But now he is heading back to Texas today....sighhhh...and since I was a child I've never been good at saying bye...I hate it and I suck at it really. Sometimes I choose to not even be around when someone I love is leaving the island for an extended period of time. I rather a quick hug and kiss and walk away. It saves me from breaking down.

We will skype Dj when he arrives into Texas, and hopefully that will make everyone feel a little better and not the opposite because just a few hours ago he was sitting right next to us. We love you Dj!!! And soon we will be on a jet plane to Texas for your graduation! Yea baby!


Fox Hill National Insurance Board Office

If anyone who lives in the Eastern District of New Providence needs any service from NIB please visit the Fox Hill Office. Can I just tell you that there is a young security guard who is off the chain with his service. He greeted me at the door with one question. "Good afternoon Maam, how can I help you today." Once I told him I was there to apply for a National Insurance Number for my son he directed me to the application form and explained what documents I needed to provide. He even asked for the documents to copy while I completed the form. He said this was in an effort to save time. UNBELIEVABLE! I almost wanted to have an orgasm. I was in and out of that office with National Insurance card for Chase in fifteen minutes.

Apparently you can collect Benefit Cheques from there as well instead of driving to the Baillou Hill Road Office. But I forget as working mothers we love the absolute bliss we get to visit the main NIB office. Don't they have the best parking ever?!

Very Impressed