Midnight coughing spells...

I was awakened by coughing spells bellowing from my precious 18 month old son, Aindreas' mouth.  I am upset.  Why is this cough STILL HERE!  I swear it has been around since he was born! [a bit of an exaggeration I know but had to emphasize the amount of time...heehee...but I am also quite dramatic too :) ] No, but seriously, I've taken him to his pediatrician's office about a dozen times AND the walk-in clinic when I just couldn't stomach paying over $100 AGAIN to the pediatrician when I felt he should have fixed him the first time around (second, third, and fourth!)

So he's finished his medicine, now what?!?!  Thoughts of pneumonia and chest infections cross my mind and is the only reason I keep taking him to the doctor's office.  They always tell me his chest is clear.  So why Mr. Doctor Man/Woman, does my child still have this cough?  What do I do in this situation?  At this point I can't say it will go away on its own because it's been months now. Sighhhhh......

Suggestions anyone!?

Concerned for my baby,
Candi :)

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MWMs said...

We took my baby back to the Doctor today (well my husband did). And back on medication he goes. Can a child be prescribed too much medicine?? It worries me that he's constantly taking medicine, let alone antibiotics. We shall see how this run goes.

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