Back to Reality...After the Holidays

So wow, I woke up at 5:00am this morning quite anxious about getting back into the routine after the Christmas holidays. Back to "real" work and not holiday work...haha...AND let's not forget, BACK TO SCHOOL. So I was anxious about all that comes along with back to school, getting the kids off to bed at a reasonable time, packing bags and lunches for the next day, preparing and laying out school clothes, and of course what else comes with going back to school??? Back to school traffic!!!!! ahhhhhh...but guess what, there was NO TRAFFIC this morning...YAY!!! But check me tomorrow and see how I feel, because I am sure ALL schools are back in by then....sighhhhhh. When is Easter?



MWMs said...

Okay for a second there I got nervous because I thought school opened today. You know I am trying to act all cool that my two year old is starting school this term!

MWMs said...

So I can say, today, Friday January 6, that traffic has been a DREAM! Maybe it's because I leave the house promptly at 7:00am but there was a time when leaving that time was committing traffic suicide! Anyhoo, no complaints here! I'm loving it. Now weekend here I come! Woohooo!

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