Still out on Vacation

I must say, 2 weeks off was definitely the way to go.  I can't believe I haven't taken a proper vacation in years, and even when I took vacation it was only a day or two here and there, at most a week! I know I said that already but I had to repeat it. :) 

The first week I can honestly say I wasn't into doing much.  I guess it was my body's way of telling me to chill out.  However, this week I am busying myself with little projects that I will definitely be sharing with you.  As I mentioned in my last post I am working on a pillow for my baby daughter (since she picked out the fabric).  I've also started a piece of wall art to go over my kitchen window and finally I've convinced my husband to frame out the door leading to our laundry room so those who visit cant see (what a mess it while standing in the kitchen!  Also, to keep my baby son out of there!

There is also a project I really need to complete, a painting I started and it has been staring at me for the past couple of months.  Every time I look over at it I feel it is saying to me "how could you! How could you start me and then leave me!" LOL  I am not sure if any of you indulge yourselves in art work, however, if you do, have you ever been stuck on a particular painting?  It's like I don't know HOW to finish it.  It's such a favorite piece for me and I don't want to ruin it.  Hopefully I will get to complete it before I head back to work.  And if so, I hope to include the finish product along with the other projects.

Here is a picture of my painting as it is right now:

(It is acrylic and oil pastels on canvas)

Tell me what you think!


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