Bahamas Race for the Cure...Check!

I did it!  I participated in the Bahamas Race for the Cure (a Susan G. Komen event) and completed the 3.1 mile run.  While, 3 miles may not seem like alot (and a couple of years ago it was a walk in the park for me when I was an avid runner) but since I haven't ran in months and months it means I am months and months out of shape!  The first leg of the race was the Western bridge to Paradise Island.  Can I say, my heart was burning and beating out of my chest by the time I got to the top and there was still 3 miles to go!  But I kept going, slow and steady the whole way.  My time was 37mins and it is almost embarrassing to post it for a mere 3 miles but I will use this as motivation to get it in gear and get back on the level I used to be.

Here are, literally, one or two pictures of before and after the race (My photographer did not make it to take pictures, he was at home taking care of the

We (my sister and I) just arrived and walked in on an already very energetic atmosphere in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  The turnout was awesome.  The amount of people that were there by start time was unbelievable.  People travelled from all over to attend this race!

My sister (on the left) and I after the race.  My sister finished in 29 minutes!  Way to go Michaela!  I think my heart was trying to find its way back inside my
Until next year!

P.S. Please be sure to schedule a mammogram.  Early detection of breast cancer is the key!  I will be scheduling mine very soon!

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