DJ, on a Jet Plane...

My big son, Dj (17) moved to Texas in Sept. 2011 to finish his last year in High School and is now living with my brother-in-law and his family. It's not easy when a child "moves" out of the house. Essentially, you are voluntarily relinquishing your parental influence on a daily basis to someone else. And while it's hard to not have that daily influence on your child, we are so incredibly fortunate that he is with his uncle and auntie that are superly awesome. But at 17 you have pretty much raised your child and all you can do now is help guide him through this thing called life.

Dj came down for the holidays and we were so excited to have him home. Such good times. My baby son (Aindreas, 19 months) couldn't stop calling out his name the whole time he was here..."DJ! DJ! DJ!" He, my big daugther (D'ante, 14) and my baby daughter (4 1/2) {Yes, we have plenty chirren, lol} certainly loved up on Dj good!! :)

But now he is heading back to Texas today....sighhhh...and since I was a child I've never been good at saying bye...I hate it and I suck at it really. Sometimes I choose to not even be around when someone I love is leaving the island for an extended period of time. I rather a quick hug and kiss and walk away. It saves me from breaking down.

We will skype Dj when he arrives into Texas, and hopefully that will make everyone feel a little better and not the opposite because just a few hours ago he was sitting right next to us. We love you Dj!!! And soon we will be on a jet plane to Texas for your graduation! Yea baby!


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MWMs said...

As I said earlier I have plenty stored up tears. I want to cry after reading this heartfelt "see ya soon" farewell. Have a good skype!