The Bottle Dilemma

My two month old son Chase, decided he would stop taking a bottle.  He was introduced to a formula bottle the first month of his life to supplement breastfeeding. (I learned this lesson from breastfeeding my daughter Channing, two years ago.) Anywho, at four weeks my darling son became fussy, crying at night. Our doctor said he may have colic so I must stop formula feeding and change my diet. Well Chase stopped crying when I made some changes to my and I began a feeding schedule instead of on demand. Fantastic but here came the dilemma. Chase would not take the bottle when we tried to give it to him again. My husband Eric, suggested putting breastmilk in the bottle. No luck. We changed luck! 

Solely breastfeeding is simply not an option! What do I do now?

I know! I will ask every mother I know what to do. That is precisely what I did. Many offered their sympathies. Jokes! I continued my search for answers.  Until my conversation with my friend Tanya last night. She is the mother of two boys. Here was her suggestion.

Wait for it! Wait for it! 

Tanya suggested I change the bottle nipple. Not the brand but the flow. Maybe Chase had graduated from a  Level One to a Level Two nipple.

Need I say more? Last night, Chase drank four ounces from his bottle with a Level Two Nipple. Thank you Tan Tan!

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MWMs said...

Tiffany!!! LOL...too funny! Why the heck didn't I think of that?!?! Here it is, I am thinking Chase is just being a boy, stubborn and just wanna lay on some breasts...ha...change the bottle nipple! Thanks Tanya, you saved ma girl and her breasts...hee hee

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