Fox Hill National Insurance Board Office

If anyone who lives in the Eastern District of New Providence needs any service from NIB please visit the Fox Hill Office. Can I just tell you that there is a young security guard who is off the chain with his service. He greeted me at the door with one question. "Good afternoon Maam, how can I help you today." Once I told him I was there to apply for a National Insurance Number for my son he directed me to the application form and explained what documents I needed to provide. He even asked for the documents to copy while I completed the form. He said this was in an effort to save time. UNBELIEVABLE! I almost wanted to have an orgasm. I was in and out of that office with National Insurance card for Chase in fifteen minutes.

Apparently you can collect Benefit Cheques from there as well instead of driving to the Baillou Hill Road Office. But I forget as working mothers we love the absolute bliss we get to visit the main NIB office. Don't they have the best parking ever?!

Very Impressed

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