Candilaria Goes on Vacation!

Woohoo! Welcome Vacation! Finally! It's about time.  I don't think I've taken a proper vacation in years!  And do you know what I have planned?  A whole heap of NOTHING!  I am doing whatever hits me and I am so excited about it.  Of course I have my list of things to do but it is my list and if I choose not to check some of them off then, so what! HAHA...I love it!

So this is the e-mail I sent to people advising them of my absence:

Dear All, 

Please be advised that I will be out on vacation beginning ______ and returning on ________.

I will have no access to e-mails and will answer your e-mail upon my return.  Please go easy on the e-mails! :)

To know how I really feel about going on vacation, please click below. 


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