This morning I saw an advertisement for a course I've been longing to do for some time now.  I was so excited to see that something like this was being offered and I didn't even have to go through the College!  However, the class began today, the same day I find out about it.  Strike 1.  Nonetheless, I visited the website to find out more about the course and Strike 2 reared it's ugly head, the price! 

Don't you often find that while you would love to invest in yourself  most times you can't because of obstacles like timing and money.  Today, it was more about the money.  Like my previous post, I have decided to do what it takes  BUT doing what it takes will have to happen the next go around (lol, me finding out about it on the day the class actually begins doesn't help either).  Hopefully it will be offered at a later date where proper arrangements and preparations are made.

The course by the way was Auto Cad: Intro to Intermediate.  I wish to venture into interior architecture and design and this would be a great tool!

Until next time Auto Cad!  I will meet you soon!


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