Sewing a pillow

I decided to take lessons from Tiffany's mother on how to sew various items, like pillows, drapes, valances, etc.  Today was the first day I met with her and boy did I have fun!  I was nervous before going because I wanted to do well and not mess up. Geneva (Tiffany's mom) said to me, "It's all about practicing, so if you mess up it's OK!"  Mind you, I've sewn things before but never in front of someone as they stood over and watched.  That's kind of nerve wrecking.  But Geneva was cool and a great teacher!

My baby girl picked out the fabric and off I was to start my first 18" pillow, with piping and a zipper! Ooooo!

Here is a pic of Day 1:  I cut out 2 18"x18" pieces of fabric that will make up the pillow.  Then I sewed the piping onto one of the pieces. Sorry for the not-so-great picture, I didn't think I was going to post any of this!

Updates to come!

Proud of myself Candilaria

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