Dear Woman on the Front Page of the Newspaper

Dear Woman on the Front Page of the Newspaper Jumping for Joy, 

I promised I wouldn't say anything else about the Referendum held on Tuesday. Welp! I couldn't think of what else I would write on our MARRIED WORKING MOTHERS blog. 

The Bahamian people voted loud and clear...
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While, I wasn't surprised by the outcome mainly because of the loud and incessant fear ripping through the island like a damn Tsunami, I was however, profoundly disappointed. That disappointment turned into anger yesterday when I laid my eyes on the woman on the front page of the newspaper. 

There you were, a woman. A WOMAN! With her hands in the air rejoicing. (I don't mean to pick on this particular woman as I do not know her but unfortunately, she is who the newspaper chose to place on their cover.)

You can't be fucking serious.

What exactly are you rejoicing for? What victory do you think you've just won? 

Let's see...Is it because...

1. Your Pastor is the real MVP?

2. You don't trust the existing Government and you stuck it to them good?!

3. "Da foriegners ain coming to take over no more?!"

4. You wanted to spite the Government for 2002's Referendum AND the Gaming Referendum?

5. We ain ga be like them other hedonistic countries like the big bad US of A?!

6. Ain no Sissy marriage 'round here?!"

7. "Dey call me dumb and stupid, so I ga show dem?"


8. Maybe you really believe women ought to be less equal than men. Maybe?

Some NO voters had excuses coming from every angle and some others felt they didn't need to give a reason.

Well, I voted YES, to every single bill. My reason was simple. 

Women and men ought to enjoy the same rights. Done. Basic Human Rights 101.

How was I able to come up with that you ask? I isolated these bills for what they were. 

I handled this referendum for what it was and it was NOT A GENERAL FUCKING ELECTION!

The pettiness and spitefulness that spread across our islands were vile and disgusting. Do I trust or care for this current administration? Hell No. Do I think we are a sinking ship because of the lack of leadership? Hell Yeah. Is there accountability and transparency? Hell fucking No. Are these politicians doing pure shit? Ya damn right!

But. What. Does. That. Have. To. Do. With. My. Rights. As. A. Woman. Or. Man?! 

Not a gad damn thing!

So, ok, you don't understand Bill No. 4. I understand that you don't understand. Hopefully, you sought information and advice on the particular bill and if you still decided you were unsure about it then by all means vote No. 

But what happened to Bills 1, 2, and 3???? Yes, I deserve a reason for your NO Vote because it affects me and my family. 

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Why are we so petrified of change? Change isn't a bad thing. Change is inevitable. Change WILL happen whether you are ready for it or not.

I am angry today. Democracy DID NOT win. Fear, Ignorance, & Politics won on Tuesday.

I am not a proud Bahamian. There is NOTHING to be proud of and it makes me sad.

We have to change the direction this country is going in. Fast. To do that now, we MUST focus our attention on our children. We need to inject more of our love, time, and resources into them. Really TEACH & GUIDE them! EDUCATION is where it's at. 

We must raise stable, loving, and critical thinking children to save our Bahamaland. They are the real investment.

That's all we can hope for at this point.



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Thank you! I am proud to say Hope Town passed all four. The level of fear and ignorance is profoundly disturbing.

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