What happened to 'NO JOCKEY DAY'?

Were any of you aware that yesterday, June 22, was "No Panty" Day?

Well listen don't feel bad, I forgot too. I knew such a day existed but I have never committed the day to memory.

If you had to be reminded about the day, there is a strong possibility you were reminded by a male. Doesn't matter who the male is really. Nonetheless, it was a male. My hubby reminded me, so there you go!

My question is, when will there be a "NO JOCKEY" Day????

When will we see some doggie slingin'? 

Side note for my Internationals; 
"Doggie" (noun) - Bahamian slang for male genitals

Question is, do we really want to see loose flaccid penises??? Is that even attractive? Think about it, a bouncin', bobbin' doggie. (I literally busted out laughing as I typed that) Come to think about it, it really isn't all that desirable is it? Not like it is for a man knowing that under your clothes there is an exposed vagina. 

Now, why do you think that is?

Is it a form of appreciation? Appreciation of the woman's physical traits? 

My guess is that it is natural for men to be energetically drawn to our bodies. For one very obvious reason. Procreation.

It's so much deeper than that. My thoughts are that there is a fine line between appreciation (because what woman doesn't want her body appreciated???) and objectification. 

Women objectify men as well but that's not what this here post is about. :)

When a woman's body part is singled out and separated from her as a person and is viewed as an object of the male's desire then we have crossed the line.

We all know that this behaviour can have adverse affects on women. According to the study, "Sexual Objectification of Women: Advances to Theory and Research" by Dawn M. Szymanski, Lauren B. Moffitt, and Erika R. Carr, 
this kind of objectification can lead to self-objectification for women causing all sorts of mental health issues. Issues like, increased anxiety about their own physical appearance and opportunities for body shame.

That's NOT cool.

So men (and women), take heed. Ain't nothin' wrong with a little appreciation but let's keep it at that. Women aren't here for YOUR enjoyment. Period. But who knows, maybe one day we will get to the point where flaccid dick slingin' is sexy. My second guess is, maybe not. LOL.

Where is #NoJockeyDay

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