It's Monday!

It's Monday people!  Make it good and make it count!

I had such a good weekend.  If you recall a few weeks ago I was talking about my dreams and career goals, etc.  Well I am taking the necessary steps towards my future.

I love crafting, diy progjects, art, designing and home decor and this is where my passion is.  I am always looking for a new projects to engage in.  So, I bit the bullet and purchased an amazing machine called the Silhouette Cameo and can I am in LOVE!  It is the coolest creation ever!  My husband is even excited about it and has helped me with a project.

With that said, I will be starting another blog to showcase my projects and share my ideas, and love for the arts and crafts and everything handmade!

I am currently getting the page up and running and not ready to direct people there yet, but please stay tuned!

Sooo, be inspired, get out and go get them!  Talk to you soon!

An art 'n'craftin' Candilaria

Happy Monday!!!

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