Keeping a Clean House

Am I the only woman that cannot seem to keep her house clean?!?!  I mean seriously, it drives me nuts.  I know I know, I have small children but daaaang!  I feel like I am living in a whirlwind of toys, spilled juice, shoes everywhere, crayon markings on the wall, Max and Ruby on the television (BTW, where are their parents??? I have yet to see them!  Ruby takes care of Max like he's her child!...I don't get, I really don't), food on the floor, clothes hanging on the couch....the list is endless.

Then, when I get upset about it, my husband looks at me with a blank stare!....seriously?....Like dude, what are you looking at?!  Do you see this sh*t?! I want a clean house!  Is that really too much to ask? He's looking at me like I'm the crazy one!  He's looking at me, I'm looking at him, so I gave him a blank stare back.  Now, we're having a blank stare face off.  Some funny stuff I tell you.

Anyway, it's hard yall.  It's hard to keep a clean house with itty bitties in the house.  I don't have a housekeeper that comes anymore (what the hell am I thinking!) and so the only time my house is somewhat clean is after 8:30pm.  And we all know why after 8:30pm!  Bedtime!

I think it's just so nice to be able to sit down in a clean environment, with a big cup of hot tea, with either a good movie, book, magazine, or browse the Internet, etc. whatever it is you like to be doing.  It's such a calming feeling.  I can't think in Chaos.  I wish I took a picture this morning of how I left my house because I was just too tired to clean up after everyone last night.  I am ashamed! lol.

So, how do you keep your house clean?  Do you wait until a certain time to clean your house?  Do you have the kids set up in a particular area?  What do you do?!

A, I want to say "Clean it your-damn-self" Candilaria

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