Bouncing Castles

It is with overflowing joy I document this day as my daughter's first day on a bouncing castle. A parent erected a bouncing castle at school to celebrate their child's birthday. All students will have access to this castle as it is on the playground for everyone to see. I am super excited for my Channing.


(I will now step onto my Soap Box)

I hate bouncing castles. They are a disaster waiting to happen ......... the lazy form of entertainment that my generation of parents have digested wholly. Why don't we play organized games with our children anymore?Remember the dread of musical chairs? Remember the excitement of pinning the tail on the donkey? Duck duck goose? Red Light Green Light? There are an endless amount of games to play with children. Instead we send our children into a cage like animals to bounce all over one another.

(I will now step off of my Soap Box)

Nonetheless, Channing will be introduced to a bouncing castle today.

Here is my issue though. Why are schools allowing parents to have such extravagant birthday celebrations during school time? I find it rather distateful to have your child's birthday party at school. I understand a cake cutting at school at the beginning of lunch time or at the end of the day but a bouncing castle? REALLY!

When did schools become the grounds for social activities that traditionally only occurred at our homes? Why are principals agreeing to the use of their property for personal activities?

Can anyone explain this to me?

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