A Mother's Day Staycation

In honor of my role as a mother, I had my 2nd Annual Staycation. I checked into Atlantis for the weekend.........ALONE!


I can go on and on!

Did I miss my children? Yes. But I missed my husband even more.

I missed Eric because for these two days I felt like an adult. I felt like I did before I became a mother. I felt sexy, free to do what I wanted when I wanted. As a result, I wanted my best friend to share in the moment. I wanted to share this glorious moment with my husband.

But not this weekend! This weekend was for me.

Do I feel refreshed? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I want to say yes I am but I know it is only for a few more hours. As soon as I get home I know it will be back to reality, back to my life, back to motherhood!

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