Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone

No one tells you that as a mother you will experience loneliness.

My life before motherhood was filled with endless experiences with my best friend, my husband the father of my childern. We did almost if not everything together. Today our lives our different.

I miss my best friend.

I miss my husband.

Motherhood is lonely because mothers are always there. As a mother I have no where to go. I am always in place when my husband has his radio show, or he has football practice or he has to go into work. Taking care of our children is my ultimate responsibility when the demands of his life occur.

And so I am at home with our children. I am on the floor playing games but I am lonely. I am tickling our children to make them laugh but I am lonely. I color and paint and draw but I am lonely.

My children cannot fill the void in my soul.


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Kaylus Adams said...

Tiffany what would you suggest to "want-to-be-mothers" to minimize the loneliness that it seems we may not all be able to evade?

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