Oh Where Oh Where Have My Little Dogs Gone?

Do you know the children's song "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where oh where can he be? With his ears cut short and his tail cut long oh where oh where can he be?"

Well readers, trust and believe I do not have to sing this song. I know where our dogs have gone. Mayer and Maddox are their names. Two little black lovable dogs we gave away to one of my husband's colleagues.

Are you wondering why we gave away two dogs? The dogs we have owned beginning in 2005? The dogs we have bathed, had in our beds, taken to the beach.......I even fed Mayer with a spoon. If so let me tell you.

I gave them away because I have children with two legs now, I repeat children with two legs. With two children, that means I have four legs to protect. There is no way in my mind can I possibly conceive of taking care of twelve yes you do the math twelve legs. I might as well add in Eric's legs, that's 14 and occasionally mine 16 legs!

Can anyone guess how many arms I have?

Two arms! That's it! I am still diligently searching for The Arm Store just as diligently as I have been searching for The Money Tree. These two things must exist somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on a serious note, yes we decided to part ways with our dogs. Eric had a moment of sadness. He still may feel some loss. As for me based on the tone of this post I will let you decide on whether I miss Mayer Barack Hall and Maddox Obama Hall.


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