What's up with the Children these days?

The way children act and carry themselves in today's world are a far cry from the way children acted and carried themselves back in our grandparents' day and beyond.  Granted, yes, the world has changed since then but do morals and values really change?  Should they change?  Respect for yourself and for others? Is that gone too?

How is it that we live in a world where an 8th grade little, yes little, girl can feel comfortable cursing out another parent because that parent accidentally spilled water on her or where a 15 year old child can post such a disgusting letter on her Facebook page addressed to her parents (even though she thought they would never see it because she locked them out of her page) about how they are giving her so much work to do around the house and that they should pay HER to do chores? 

How is it, people, that these children feel so entitled, are disrespectful and just downright disgusting?

So this is my theory, things started to change during the Baby Boomer Generation (our parents' generation).  During that time, after World War II, these were the people that remodeled society.  They re-defined traditional values.  It has been noted that this generation is widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of affluence.  With that said, to me I feel this was the beginning of the decline in North America and of course it affects us as well.  While they still passed down the same traditions and values they grew up with, I feel they were diluted as time passed.  Some hung on to them and some did not.

The world has changed so dramatically you often hear children saying it's not easy being a child in these times, well try being a parent (Not literally, please don't go and have a baby!).  BUT if we are stern with your children, the child has a right to call social services (in North America).  Yet, we find it hard to believe when the 8th grader cusses a parent out, or the 15 year old writes such a harsh letter about her parents.  Parents can no longer parent.  

The teachings I received as a child (which seems to be lost in today's society) will undoubtedly be passed on to my children.  I hope that respect for self and others, strong morals, values, and pride, etc. permeates their entire being to the point that they will not only live it but pass it on to their children to keep it going. 

That's all I can hope for.

Where have the parents gone? Candilaria


Alexandria Carey said...

I believe the reason some children act the way they do because the parents allow it. The way I see some of the children acting is ridiculous. However, what I remember from my grammy (who raised me) is that back in the day the children were raised by the community. Parents looked out for one another back then and that was one of the reasons children were so respectful, because they were thought values all around. ANd they were to afraid to misbehave. If Ms. Susy down the road saw you doing wrong you best believe that Ms. Susy will tear yah behind and when you got home mommy or daddy wud finish that behind. So you would be too afraid to even misbehave or disrespect anyone else. Nowadays, if we even think of reprimanding someone elses child, OMG- call the police cause you can't tell no one child how to act, and it ga be a war. Teachers no longer can reprimand children in school. How so we expect our children to act when they get older if when they are young and they say something like "ya big head" or even worse and we say...."or das so cute" or even laugh. We are training them from young, and then when they get 3 years old and we try to curb it- they then too rude. Yea they damn rude. As parents sometimes we can see everyone child doing wrong and point fingers, but we never cud see wrong with our "GOOD SON/DAUGHTER."
The way I see it we need to face it and take responsiblity as a community for 'our' children. Yes that may not be your child, however we should work together and be our brothers keeper. And if that doesnt work things will continue on a downward spiral.

MWMs said...

This is so very true. I grew up in a neighbourhood where everyone knew each other. You knew everyone's name in each family and sometimes their relatives that visited them! I grew up in a time where children played outside ALL DAY and my parents had not a worry even though they had no clue where we were at all times. I believe that provided for a happier child and a more independent one at that and in turn happier parents because your children weren't up in your face making noise ALL DAY. LOL. These days, there are very few children playing outside and parents are more frustrated. Not only that, we cannot deny the role technology has/is playing on our lives. And while it's convenient, it's not convenient in raising children and building a family. It's especially harder on our generation of parents because we are the generation in which the technology of instant messaging was created. So we have parents and children alike glued to their phones, computers, ipads, etc. We don't talk anymore, we message. I'm guilty of it too. We have to turn off everything and go back to how it used to be before the choices of 1, 000 channels, the iphone, and the laptop in your room. Thank you Alexandria for your comment, point well taken. What suggestions do you have in bringing your community closer? And what suggestions do you have to bring parents and their children closer? Candilaria