***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER...If you haven't watched last night's episode of Scandal yet I suggest that you DO NOT read this post.***

So much drama goes on in Scandal that I don't even know where to begin! 

I will start with the story of Sarah Stanner, a woman whose past indiscretions have come back to haunt her.  Sarah admitted to a brief affair 15 years ago with a man who is now Fitz's Supreme Court nominee. Needless to say the incredibly cruel media jumped on this story and jumped quickly.  Olivia Pope and Associates was called to not only manage (can't say fix because there is nothing they can really do to fix this) the situation and indirectly helps to save Sarah's marriage and job.  It was then learned that Sarah's indiscretion lasted 2 years and the possibility of her husband not being the father of their 13 year old daughter was realized.  Whoa! Basically her entire life began to unravel.  Understandably so, her husband extremely broken and furious demanded a paternity test in which he later tore up because really at this point would you really want to know?  After 13 years, she IS your daughter.  That took a lot of guts for him to do that. On another front, Sarah's job was prepared to send her on her a$$ because of a morality clause in her contract, but Olivia sent her pitbull, Harrison (along with Abbey), to Sarah's job and he very charismatically managed to save it. 

While all of this was going on, Cy was on the other side of this scandal defending the Supreme Court nominee.  Cy was at war with Olivia and he pulled lots of dirty tricks out of his hat. And if you know Cy he is capable of anything!  But with all of Cy's scandalous hard work, the nominee ended up withdrawing his name for consideration.  This did not sit very well with the President, therefore Cy slides further away from Fitz's inner circle.

Olivia and Fitz talk on the phone for the first time in a very long time.  All I can day is, it was emotional.  He said he was only calling her to tell her to back off of his nominee but we all know Fitz, he needed to talk to her.  They brought up a little about the election rigging and I felt that for Fitz.  Your very confidence of being the POTUS is a result of the fact that the American people put you there because they felt you were worthy.  But the very person that he truly thought believed in him, had the confidence in him, and who he trusted wholeheartedly, betrayed him.  Finding out you being the President is based on a lie would drive a man to drink and would make him one angry and insecure President.  Although Olivia is broken herself, Fitz doesn't care about her feelings or what she could possibly be going through because he's too hurt and angry to care.  I've always said nobody can hurt you like the people you love.  It was also very interesting and no mistake that while they were on the phone the Stanner's were in the background arguing about their loyalty (or lack thereof), hurt, and betrayal. Hmmm....

Mellie is still being Mellie, messy and meddlesome.  She is trying very hard to gain her husband's trust again but did she ever have it?  I believe Mellie loves Fitz, I do, somewhere deep down there.  Do I believe Fitz can ever trust Mellie? No.  I say that for so many reasons I will save for another post.  It kinda sucks to see the wife's role being portrayed in this way, but hey, this is Shonda Rhimes' show and I guess she calls the shots. LOL.  Did any of you feel for Mellie when Fitz took their son into his office and slammed the door in her face?  Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that one because it's hard to root for her.

Huck has officially taken Quinn under his wing but she has a long way to go.  The CIA Director (who is the mole) is onto Quinn and that isn't a good thing.

Let's talk about Jake.  Jake, Jake, Jake.  There is something I really don't like about this guy.  He went to great lengths to retrieve the memory card from a photographer that snapped a picture of he and Olivia talking.  And he had better because he lied to the President about Olivia "seeing" someone, when she kinda is and the someone is kinda...him.  Oh boy, I sniff a triangle scandal coming up. His boyish innocent face forces you to like him but that smile he gave at the end of the episode as he sat on Olivia's couch and looked into the camera was incredibly eerie.

So what did y'all think about last night's episode? Let's hear your thoughts...

Have a Scandal-free Friday, Candilaria


MWMs said...

Soooooooo, I totally did not watch. I started to, but fell asleep. Who falls asleep watching Scandal? With that said, I did not read the blog. Thank you for the spoiler alert. Will comment after I watch!

MWMs said...

Okay I watched the episode.

1. I don't trust Jake, but I do like him.
2. I have no empathy for Mellie. Sad, because I am a
a mother and a wife. She is the one character I
should be rooting for. I don't identify with her at all!
3. Cy? Hmm. Bless his heart
4. Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. Is she living the true life of a
mistress? In their quiet moments aren't they really
lonely women who really want so much more?
Maybe...maybe not!


Elizabeth Missick-Taylor said...

So, MWM who do you think is behind the multiple cameras in Olivias apt? Jake...someone else...yes very creepy.