The 20 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship


Let's play the word association game. What words would you associate with the word marriage?


I believe it is fair to state that the words you relate to your marriage are dependent upon how many years you have been married. Newlyweds have a different perspective from others who have been married for five years, twenty-five or fifty years of marriage.

Eric and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this July. I can think of many words, but my number one word for my marriage is friendship. Eric was my friend then and he is my best friend now. It is my goal to continue to make the choices to ensure he is  my best friend twenty years from now.
Eric and I
My Best Friend

But how?
Below is a link to an article titled The 20 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship. The article is written by real married couples and people who have seen, studied, and lived really good love.
The advice is practical and relative. Some advice tips are 'Don't try to change what you fell for', 'Be silly', 'Get a reliable baby sitter' and  'Get yourself in the mood'.

The Link is below. Check it out. Make your marriage the best marriage you have ever had!

Eric's friend,

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