Hello there,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I logged on to our blog this morning and was pleasantly surprised over the number of page views since yesterday.  It's very encouraging to see how many persons are visiting our page and reading our posts and some even leaving comments.  Thank you!

We appreciate your support very much and if you enjoy us that much we kindly ask that you to please subscribe to our blog and become apart of the 242MWMs crew.

There is a box at the top left hand side of the blog that says "Follow us Will You?"  Enter your e-mail address and click submit!  It's that easy. :)

Who will be our 4th follower??? LOL

Looking forward to you joining us!

MWMs Management Team


Elizabeth Missick-Taylor said...

I filled out all the requested information and read the instructions this time :) Lets see if I'm the fourth follower!

MWMs said...

YAY! You did it. You are the 4th follower! Thank you so much for your support.