Opa! Part Two


This past Saturday, Eric and I attended Greek Fest 2013. We always make it a priority to attend this event. Our hopes were dashed when we did not visit Santorini Greece for our honeymoon. Until we make it there, this is our little taste of the Greek Isles.

The day began by dropping the children off to Grammy and Papa...thank God for grandparents. We entered West Hill Street with camera in hand, our goal was to document the event with photos to share with all of the Married working mothers who could not attend. Unfortunately, this included my fellow Married working mother Founder, Candi, who was home sick with the cold. Candi let take this moment to say I missed you dearly!

What you are about to see are photos. Did I capture the event? Yes, did I capture what I believe to be the meaning of the word opa? Yes? Will you see photos of all the Greeks had to offer at Greek Fest 2013? Not so much.

What you are about to see is a story. This is my story of Eric and I at Greek Fest 2013. Enjoy! Sorry...OPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day began with our first photo.
Here you see The Greek Orthodox Church. 
Look at the sky. It was a beautiful day to attend a festival. Eric and I entered, excited and willing to immerse ourselves in Greece.

We arrived after 1pm. The line to enter was not long. The process was very efficient but at this point, we were too elated to notice or  complain of  any glitches. 

The first item on the agenda upon entering was to find wine and beer. Before long we were equipped with our first set of cups. Eric began his Greek Beer Adventure and I decided on a nice winding Greek red wine to meander down for the day. I apologize...no clue what the name of the beer or wine we drank. Blame it on my head and not my heart for this lack of information.

Next, food. Ahhhh, food!

Calamari with a pretty blue fingernail in honor of Greece.
Greek Salad

Do you think my mouth is wide enough to eat one little Smelt Fish? 

It was at this time we left the Church grounds to walk to Scotiabank. In our haste to get to Greek Fest, we forgot to stop for money, a necessity to having a great opa kind of day! On the way, somewhere in front of McDonalds I stepped on a rock, slightly twisting my ankle. No alarm needed, I didn't twist my ankle but instead I popped my shoe. Somehow, I made it to Scotia and sat on a wall on Navy Lion Road waiting for Eric to do two things. First he had to get money. While in Scotiabank, I took this photo.

Notice the side of the shoe has detached from the sole.
Please pay no attention to the amount of wine missing from my cup.
The second task Eric had was to purchase me a pair of shoes. Seeing that we were on Bay Street, I suggested a nice pair of flip flops would suffice. I was shoeless and hopeful! I sat on the side of the road with drink in hand waiting patiently. Eric returned gleefully with shoes in hand. He proudly handed me these stylish puppies to replace the shoes I broke, literally. I went from this...

To this...

What the hell?

Needless to say, I didn't want to burst his bubble immediately, so I got more drinks once we returned to Greek Fest and called a lifeline. I asked a girlfriend to bring me a pair of flip flops. There was no way I could survive a day wearing Ministry of Tourism flip-flops. I promise you these flip flops had the bubbles in the shape of The Bahama Islands, like The Ministry of Tourism Logo.

Anywho, the day continued. All of a sudden I thought of a brilliant plan. I figured out a way to distract from my feet. In Channing's honor, I got my face painted. First time ever! Mothers we need to do this more often.

And before I knew it Liz arrived with replacement shoes to wear. I was ecstatic! Sorry Eric! Thank you Elizabeth Taylor. I am forever indebted! I don't think I have ever been that excited to see Liz!


At this point, the party really began. The drinks kept coming, the crowd got thicker and Eric celebrated our day of fun with a cigar.

Now before we knew it day turned to night. The crowd thinned as a new wave of revelers arrived. It was at this time Eric and I transitioned to the actual church grounds across the street from the parking lot. Who knew the music we were hearing was from a band. I don't know the name, but they were jamming! 

This band was so good I am proud to boast that Elizabeth and I learned a greek dance. A greek colleague of mine, Alexia, joined hands and we pranced throughout the crowd. 

I was exhausted but had a glorious time. We were at this festival all day and the fun kept coming. 

If I had one complaint, it would be that some of the food stalls closed early. I would have loved another order of Calamari. All of my dancing worked up an appetite that only Smelt or another greek salad would satisfy. Nonetheless, we kept dancing and drinking until it was time to go home.

I believe we took this photo right before leaving. If I may take a few lyrics from The Fresh Beat Band, "It was a great day, it was a super way, to spend some time together!" 

I hope if you attended Greek Fest 2013 you had a blast like we did! If not I had enough fun for you. Women, we need to let go and let fun in!



Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

My hubby asked "did Tiff have fun at the Greek Fest?" I replied. "she had wine."

The end!

Married Working Mothers wanna have fun too!

Such a fun read.

Elizabeth Missick-Taylor said...

It was my best Greekfest experience (and I've had a few)
Thanks Tiff and Eric for keeping the smiles and laughter going
Good friends, good food, good music, great fun!! Opa!

MWMs said...

I am so sad I missed this event. But looks like you gals had a great time. And I am Positive that y'all had enough drinks for me tooooo, yay!!- Candilaria