So I'm expected to follow that post?!?!  Thanks Tiffany! LOL. I must say that it shows that you and Eric are truly best friends.

Ok now me....LOL (oh Lord what is Candi about to talk about)

I will play the association game. 

Hmmm....a word that I would associate with my marriage....let me think..........CHALLENGING! :)

It's so funny, I was recently at a cousin's wedding and while at the church waiting on the ceremony to begin I leaned over to my sister and said "Damn, people still doin' this? Really!?" and of course we broke into laughter because we both knew our cousin (the Bride) had no clue what was ahead of her.  Sounds kinda mean, but hey it's the truth. LOL

If it's one thing I would have appreciated was someone telling me prior to getting married was just how hard this sh*t is! (please don't be offended by my half curse word)  Tell me the nitty gritty, hold nothing back, and don't put a bow on it.  But I guess you have to live it to understand it, huh?  Maybe that's why people are still getting married. :)

My husband, Deran, and I have been together a total of 7 years, married for 4 years and it feels like 20! (*insert straight face emoticon here*) We've been through ALOT just like I'm sure many of you married couples out there have been through as well.  It hasn't been easy and no one told me that I would want to choke my husband about once a day...LOL...(ok, not that often but it's alot...haha)   

But it is hard. And it is work.  It is hard work and with all jokes aside, marriage is a roller coaster and you have to know there will be bumpy times, scary times, happy times, crying times, laughing times, "you better leave me the hell alone before I say something" times, lovey dovey times, bonding times, and the list goes on.  It takes strong communication, commitment, compromise, reassurance, sorry's, constant rejuvenation, lots of forgetting and Love :)  

Deran is actually sitting next to me reading this post and he approves this message. haha

Deran and I @ a friend's wedding

Anyone else want to play the association game and describe their marriage?

Saying this thing called marriage is hard, Candilaria   



Eric Hall said...

I love it! I think many of us can relate to your blog. Did you read the link? This is Tiffany responding from Eric's account.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Trust is like a broken glass. We can glue it back together....it's functional.... but we will always see the cracks....

Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

Oh me, pick me, can I have a turn at it (waving my hand like an excited preschool student).

A word that describes my marriage is "compatibility" running a close tie with "fun".

We talk. We laugh. We share. We discuss. Okay, I take back both words and replace with intimate.

I never dreamed that I would let someone in as much as I have shared my hearts dreams, joys, pain and sadness with my husband. Rarely are there any emotional inhibitions, once I have processed what I am feeling and can form it into a sentence.

I enjoy being a wife; specifically a wife to my husband Devin. I enjoy my husband and I love and feel extremely thankful for who we are together.

Thanks for allowing me to share.