It's Okay!

1. It's okay to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and still be tired the next morning!

2. It's okay to paint your nails at work because it's the only way they don't   get messed up.
3. It's okay to sit at a bar by yourself because your friends cancelled.
4. It's okay to throw away those stupid small toys from restaurants. The kids 
    only play with them for two days anyway!
5. It's okay to hide Playdoh from your children. Enough said!
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6. It's okay to put on fake eyelashes as motivation to get out of bed.
7. It's okay to leave dirty dishes because you are exhausted!
8. It's okay to get your face painted with your children for a bit of fun!

9. It's okay to throw away jockeys filled with an accident instead of cleaning them. #toogrowntobecleaningsh&%t!
10. It's okay to decide no more dreaming
  .... it's time to live! 

Until I blog again,


Anonymous said...

Bol GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! Omg! Love this!!!! #feelingburntout

People see you well put together but they have no idea!!!!!

Ps. Closed my office door and did my nails at wrk yesterday for that exact same reason.... still gatta be cute lol

MWMs said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. Trust and believe it is 7:13 a.m., I am at my desk about to put on a fresh coat of polish.

We will both look cute today no matter what...tired as hell but cute girl!!!!!!!!!!