The office hallway seemed never ending as I quickly scrambled to the communal bathroom while trying not to have a complete breakdown of the bladder...

I twitched around a corner and lunged into the door hoping that my violent push didn't whack another woman into unconsciousness.  Unfortunately, the stench I walked into almost knocked me down for the count. Nothing wrong with taking a morning to do but dang, walking in the waft of a fresh sh*t first thing in the morning isn't necessarily the way you want to begin your morning (and before your morning coffee/tea too!?).  It's a sure way to set your mood right off.

But that's not what really set me off. 

So I busted through the door and began unbuttoning my pants immediately on my way to the stall.  A swift kick to open the stall door and what do I see? Something that looked like a total eruption of someone's intestines inside the toilet with a side of tinkle all around the toilet seat! (Yes, I must be graphic) Seriously?! Is this how we grown women are carrying on? This is straight up nasty!!

This could be a sensitive topic for some or one that some may think is too crass to talk about...but, seriously, we all think it.  I'm just saying it out loud. 

I personally dislike using public bathrooms. Sometimes you just don't know what conditions you will meet.  The built up anxiety of whether you will step into a fairly decent stall or a straight up sh*tty one (pun intended) is a feeling no one should have to go through!

But what leaves me completely baffled is that women continue to contribute to this nasty trend!  Women aren't nasty, right?!  We keep our houses and whatever areas we are in charge of clean, don't we? I would like to think so!  So why in the world do I meet urine all over the toilet? Do you not see it before you leave?! Or am I missing something? 

Something is always going wrong in the Women's bathroom for management to place the 'out of order' sign on the door and an HVAC on the floor. Overflowing due to clogging from too much tissue, or sanitary napkins, and whatever else women toss down there.  Why women? Why? I encounter this too often and is something I just cannot wrap my head around.

If you have to assume the squat stance and know you are a sprayer, well dammit clean up after yourself! It's YOUR PEE!  Flush the toilet if it's working! If it isn't, help to put a sign on the door to warn others and do the right thing and report it. Just don't leave it expecting someone else will take care of it.

How do we go from taking care of house and home to being completely inconsiderate in public bathrooms???

Maybe because we have to clean our own bathrooms that we don't care to be mindful of what we do in other bathrooms?  We just know that someone will take care of it and we're just glad it isn't us? (Hmmmm...although, when I think about that, it does sound like a good arrangement)

Just some thoughts for you today.  Do you wipe the seat if you are a sprayer? Please tell me you do!

Have a happy Friday with clean toilets!

I need my own bathroom, Candilaria

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