Show Up!

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"God, I don't know, I know, if you're out there or not, or if you can even hear people who don't know if you're out there, or if you give a crap about what they say, but ummmmm God, Yahweh, Buddha, E.T., whatever, April knows right, she believes and she needs you, so ummmm show up for her.... please, show up for April, she loves you, she needs you please, SHOW UP FOR HER, PLEASE!" 

This was a scene from last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. For those of you who do not watch, the man above has been informed his unborn son has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The words at the beginning of this post is his prayer for his wife verbatim.

Avery was pleading with God to "show up' for his wife, his wife who believes in all things honorable good and true. Just show up, whatever and however, just SHOW UP! Give her a miracle, make your presence known through this difficult time.

As I stood in my kitchen immediately my thoughts drifted from two fictional characters to five, five amazing women I can pick up the telephone to call right now. I know five women I wish God would SHOW UP for! They want what many if not all of you reading this already possess. They want something so effortless to countless of females young and old. A right we have been led to believe every woman is entitled whenever and however, planned or unplanned. An ability granted only to our gender. My five girlfriends want to be a mother!

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My girlfriends are waiting for God to show up. Each month they wait for that one special egg to meet a strong suitor. Yet for some reason conception has not happened month after month, year after year.

Undoubtedly, these women would be phenomenal mothers, much better than me in many areas. They have the characteristics of what our society deems as mother material. Why shouldn't they experience the joys of parenthood? There are so many mothers who don't have such motherly instincts and they are popping out children left, right and center. Why does it appear God is showing up for these other women but not my girlfriends? Your girlfriends? Our girlfriends?
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"God, where are you?

As a friend to a woman who wants what I have, how do I show up? How can I truly be supportive when I don't know what it feels like to see your menstrual cycle every month and be utterly disappointed? Hell, each month is a celebration for me! How can I be supportive when I am always calculating the minutes to my next 'Me Time' when I am alone away from my two children, just so I can have a moment? All they have is 'Me Time'! What do you say on Mother's Day? What do you say when you're hanging out with them in a grocery store minding our own business and they bump into someone they know and they are asked, "No babies yet?" Dammit man! It sucks. It truly does. It breaks my heart!

These women are phenomenal!

They are honorable!
They are a gift to this world!
They are all a gift to me... they are a gift to my children!


And so I stood in the kitchen last Thursday and cried, just as I am crying now because with every inch of my soul I pray for God to show up! God please, please Lord, you know who my friends are, you know the friends of those reading this post, can you show up with a baby please...please?

Don't get me wrong I believe God shows up for these women daily. His peace, His protection, His provision is evident in their lives. He is their Lord and Savior. My prayer is missing periods, positive pregnancy sticks, morning sickness, safe first trimester doctor visits, protruding bellies, baby announcements, safe deliveries and baby stories for days! I pray God will show up and change it all!

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When I complain about picking up toys I want them to complain as well. When we hang out I want them to shop less because they have less disposable income too! I want there to bags under their eyes, I want them to talk about having a moment when no one is asking for a cookie, a peanut butter sandwich, juice, computer time, to go outside....yadda yadda yadda. I want to hear their laughter when their child has a bowel movement on the ground then declares it is shaped like an oval. I want to hear it all. Every single story, complaint and celebration.

How about you? Are you believing for someone as well? Are you waiting for God to show up for a friend?  Let's believe together.....

At Married Working Mothers our goal is simple, to build a strong supportive community. We have not met many of you but I believe we are creating a community.

Let's use this community to believe.

If you are believing for a friend, a friend of a friend, a neighbour, a sister, a stranger, a wife, a wife of a friend or for yourself, I ask for you to complete a simple task. 

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God will show up!

Let's show up too!

Until I blog again,