Thank Goodness For Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles!

Channing and my mother
My children have the privilege of knowing grandparents on both sides of our family.Our children have stories about 'Grandma' my mother, 'Grammy', Eric's mother and 'Papa', Eric's Dad.

Unfortunately, I did not have this opportunity. It is for that reason I am thankful.
Channing and Eric's Dad
Chase and Eric's Mom

Chase with his Auntie!
In addition to grandparents Channing and Chase have an aunt and an uncle who are just involved in their lives.

Uncle Trevor hanging out with us!
When I add up all the contributions from these five individuals I can include Grandma who is responsible for making Halloween costumes every year and Channing's school uniforms, Auntie V, who bakes all birthday cakes and cupcakes, Grammy and Papa who opened their arms and home to Chase from birth and most recently the last few months and Uncle Trevor who created a business in his niece and nephew's name.

For the last five years Eric and I have been extremely blessed! We love our families and they love us too. If anyone asked either of us if there was anything more our family could do to assist us I doubt we could think of a response.

Well Grandma and Uncle Trevor have thought of yet another way to bless Eric and I while blessing Channing and Chase and actually themselves. With this one offer, we all benefit! 

You see Grandma and Uncle Trevor live in America. They miss interacting with our two little darlings on a daily basis! It is for this reason that on Thursday of this week, yes in three days, Grandma, my mother will be taking Channing and Chase to the great land of opportunity for the summer.....the entire summer!
Yes I typed it...the entire summer!

Eric and I getting excited for a bit of freedom along with Candi who is excited for us as well....kind of!

Don't get me wrong we will miss our children but thank goodness for family. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go where I want and do what I want whenever I want. Thank you mummy! Thank you big brother Trevor.

For all of you that are celebrating with me, thank you! Let's get together and have some fun! For all of you that are judging me for sending my children away for the summer, forget you!

Stay tuned for my post on Friday...the day after the kids leave and my first day of freedom!

Until I blog again,

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