The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You!

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What is this complicated contraption? No seriously what's with all the letters, numbers and colour codes?

Developed by John C. Rock ’15, M.D. ’18,  a professor of gynecology and a practicing Roman Catholic who taught clinical obstetrics at Harvard Medical School (HMS), Rock believed couples should have children but they should also have the ability to stop. 

He developed the Rythmeter (circa 1944) a family planning device based on the Rhythm Method.

Family planning devices don't look like this today. There are many apps to support women who choose to use the rhythm method. Don't believe me, go to your app store and search rhythm method apps. You can track your menstrual cycle for free. Thank goodness! Imagine deciphering the Rythmeter! 

But what is the Rhythm Method?

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So how does it work? Here is how it works for me. Yes I have been a Rhythm Method Radical since 2002!

My old-fashion hard copy calendar!

Tiffany's Monthly Routine

Step One: The day my period comes I count the days from my last period. I write this number down on the date and circle it. Referring to the image of my calendar above, my period came on January 4. It was 32 days from my last period in December.

Step Two: Starting with the first day of my period, I count the days until I get to number 11. On whatever date I get to the number 11, I draw an arrow to mark the first day of my Ovulation Period.  Referring to the image above, the first day of ovulation is January 14th. I keep counting on until I get to the number 18.  I draw another arrow to mark the last day of my Ovulation Period.  For this month, the last day of ovulation is January 21st.  I write OVULATION PERIOD in between the arrows.

Step Three: I inform my husband of the dates for my ovulation period. Well not really. These days Eric already knows. Why is this important? Well he has to know during this week there will be no sex. NO BABYMAKING ACTIVITIES! None. NO VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step Four: I wait patiently for my period to arrive. The day it comes I start counting again from the last day of my ovulation period which was day 18.  I keep counting 19, 20, 21, until I get to that date my period came. Normally that number is between 28 and 33.

This image shows my period came on February 4. Hence why you see the number 32 in a circle and the words Period Comes on that date. It is at this time I start the process all of over again to calculate my ovulation period for the month of February!

3 Reasons the Rhythm Method works for me!

1. My menstrual period is very regular.
2. My fortitude not to get pregnant is strong.
3. My husband's fortitude to not get pregnant is stronger.

Just like many of you I have used several birth control methods of the years. The birth control pill was my preferred choice for at least ten years. In 2002 after a major life crisis I was unemployed. I was no longer on the pill. I stumbled upon an article which peaked my interest. I researched the process and started tracking. It was during this time I became in tune with my body.

You see, during my ovulation period my body comes alive. The process of ovulation is when an egg is released from my ovary. My body has a plan for 'Ella the Egg'! Little does Ella know but 'Mr. Sperm the Worm' could possibly be in search of her.  My body can't control when Sperm the Worm will appear so it gets ready every month just in case.

How does my body prepare for Sperm the Worm? Well honey chile .... it is the greatest week to be a woman! I know for a fact I behave like a baby magnet. I dress sexier, I walk differently. I am all over Eric. I am generally more social as my body seeks the owner of Sperm The Worm! The mission is simple during ovulation, 'find a man to give you sperm to fertilize an egg'!

According to the website, the signs of ovulation are as follows;

  • Changes in cervical mucus-Cervical mucus is the discharge that you see in your knickers or on toilet tissue when you go for a wee.
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  • An ache in your belly- About a fifth of women can actually feel something happening in their ovaries around ovulation. This can range from mild achiness to twinges of pain (Vorvick and Storck 2009). Some women feel ovulation as one-sided backache or a tender area. The condition, called mittelschmerz, may last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

  • Feeling sexy- Feeling sexy, flirty and more sociable may all be signs that you're at your most fertile (Haselton and Gangestad 2006).

An ovulating Tiffany

  • Looking and feeling great: you're likely to feel more physically attractive as you near ovulation (Gangestad and Thornhill 2008: 996). You may be more attractive to others, too (Haselton et al 2007, Durante et al 2008). Without realising it, you may choose clothes that flatter you.

  • Scent of a woman: you smell good at this time. Your body odour is more pleasant and sexy to men around the time you're fertile (Gangestad and Thornhill 2008: 996). You may think that nobody knows you're ovulating, but those natural scents may give the game away.

 Have you experienced any of these symptoms? I guarantee you have!

Once I tracked my body, truly paid attention to my body I realized there were two special weeks in every month. The first week I felt like an extraordinary woman. The second week was my menstrual period without fail. It is for this very reason getting pregnant was successful. By the time Eric and I decided to try to get pregnant, we knew the week to try to procreate. I also knew when I was pregnant without having to take a pregnancy test. With both children, when day 35, 36,37 rolled around with no period when it should have arrived by day 33 the latest, I knew it was time for a test.

I am thankful for a regular period! I know there are many women who are not. I know my experience is not to be taken for granted.

Why is the Rhythm method beneficial to me now? No I did not get my tubes tied! No I do not use any birth control drugs or devices! I know right!!!!

Whisky Tango  Foxtrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truth be told I tried the birth control shot after my first child!
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Worst decision ever! After Channing's first month of life I was determined not to have another child! One and done! I took this shot but then blew up to a size I have never been in my life. After my second child I refused any birth control and returned to my rhythm method.


1. It has worked for me for over ten years
2. I am married to a man that respects the method.
3. It is free!
4. My body is free and clear of chemicals.
5. I love the feeling of being in tuned with my body!

Are you tired of your birth control method? Are you regular? Want to try something different? Are you a disciplined individual? Is your husband as disciplined as you? Research the Rhythm Method! At a minimum download an app to track your period. It will come in handy for you at your next annual checkup when you are asked when was your last period!
Until I am sexy again,

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