Summer 2014:Run, Jump and Surrender!

The Channing Dive

This is a picture of my daughter in America for the summer.

Sigh... Oh to be five years old again!

When I look at this picture many words formulate in my mind but there is one word that summarizes them all...

When was the last time that I was this happy? When was the last time I was willing to run, jump and surrender?

Look at the photograph. Her head is thrown back, her arms are up in the air in total surrender and she is sticking out her tongue. It is important for me to note that she has on armbands because she does not know how to swim well without them. She takes swimming lessons but is not a proficient swimmer.

Clearly, she is still willing to take the risk and jump into a pool!

The Channing Dive has inspired me to do just that, take the risk and dive!

Channing's goal was to simply get in the pool. My goal is a lot deeper. But does it really matter what the goal is? What if your attitude towards the goal is more important than the goal itself? 

I look at this photograph and will confess my five year old daughter has taught me a few life lessons with this one jump.

1. If you're going to take a risk and jump, give it all you've got.
2. Let go of your inhibitions and experience the moment.
3. Who cares if you're afraid to take the risk and jump, wear armbands!
4. Show your haters, your fears and your doubts what you really feel by       
    sticking out your tongue!
5. And lastly, if you are going to take a risk and jump you need to look cute 
   by wearing the right bathing suit!

Ladies, I have a dream for my life! I know you do too. Let's just run, jump and surrender. Let's put on our bathing suits and take the risk. If a five year old can do it then so can we!

Until I jump again,


Goddie said...

And, if I'm going to run, jump and surrender, I need to be surrounded by the right people, who can take a great shot and show me, in my down times, how inexplicably brave I truly am!

Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

Inspiring on many levels. Makes me ponder where I in my life am I holding back. hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful read and inspiring!