Married Working Mothers ON THE RUN!

So it’s 2015 and it has been a year since I started my fitness goals and I am proud to say that I have stayed the course. I managed to tick off the mini goals I set for myself and what a great feeling it was!  I admit towards the end of the year, I encountered scheduling challenges as we had to let go our housekeeper and if you know anything about losing a housekeeper you know just how much of a nightmare life can be afterwards…(Yes, I know…I’m #spoiled #firstworldwomanproblems #Iamnotashamed #Ineedhelp #lifeisn'twhatitusedtobe) AND of course we went through the holiday season so we know how that one ends…heehee.

I decided not to run the half marathon (in #marathonbahamas) this year, and unfortunately I don’t really have an excuse why.  But let’s just stick to it being due to scheduling issues.  Last weekend, Sunshine Insurance held its annual Marathon Bahamas here on New Providence island and I saw so many amazing Married Working Mothers posting pictures of completing either the half marathon, relay, or full marathon on Facebook, and it made me think.  Just how many more Married Working Mothers want to make running the half marathon (or marathon if you’re really brave) a goal? Or to simply start running, a goal?

What if we, Married Working Mothers, began a running group?!  No experience needed.  More often than not we all need some inspiration and motivation to reach our goals, especially fitness goals.  Why not create a support group just for that?!!  While the real training for the marathon will begin later on in the year, it is important to just start.  What do you say?!  Make it your goal!  Dedicate at least one day in the week with the intent to add more runs later on.  It’s a great way to kick start any health and fitness goals you may have given yourself for 2015.

If you are interested in joining the MWMs running group, please e-mail us at  Let's motivate each other!

Running still, Candilaria

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